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Postby bullshit-buster » Mon Aug 14, 2017 6:02 pm

hi everyone
been reading up for a few months about Keddie and thinking about it non stop I decided I needed to join the forum to be around like minded folk!
my hubby and crew simply don't understand my true crime passion. not for gore and the like but the unsolved stuff. the victims......who get left behind....the scum of the earth that get away with this stuff.....consumes me. cant help it.

I wanna put my slant out there be kind dmac! I am very keen and hopeful to interact with you and get your low down on why what I think isn't what happened. which we shall get to.
I haven't had full access to the site because of not being a member so I'm only able to read between the lines with a lot of what gets said around here.
so here goes.
heres where I'm at.
tina tina tina......
what happened to you little one?
over all I agree with the run of the mill.
I'm just going to point form it to cut to the chase. please don't read as rude or arrogant. just knocking out the verbs for easy reading!
-sue was the target. absolutely. marty had an obsession with sue. used his friend to hide behind. marilyn ignores this question constantly. its a bug bare for her.
-premeditated yes but only that night. think once marty decided sue should party with them that night her fate was sealed.
-sue was a good womanhard on her luck without money having kids is tough. 5 kids to the one piece of shit says she wasn't a quitter. not wanting to leave the kids and go party says she wasn't a whore or a drug dealer.
-why take 25% of the crime with you? you risk being seen...caught....doesn't make any sense to me why tina would be taken to put off the authorities. especially if your going to leave 3/4 of the crime behind including murderous equipment and the rest of the bodies.

brings me to intent.
marty and bo decided they were going to rape sue that night once she rejected them.
marty knew the 3 boys were there at the house with her and was never going to assault her there.
they were always going to take her to a place pre arranged to have their wicked way with her.
that's what the tape was for. to apprehend her.
it all went pear shaped really quickly when the older boys came upon the abduction and because sue had the most defensive wounds I believe they were keeping her alive with the plan still in place but she just wouldn't come to the party and they killed her before they got to remove her.
that's where I believe poor little tina became the goal.
they went there to take a woman for a good time and by god that's what they did.
they had come too far to not have what they came for.
one can only hope that that sweet baby girl was at a minimum unconscious before she left the house.

martys reason for killing sue because she was interfering in his marriage?? only because of his filthy thoughts.... pig!
this was saving face for marilyns benefit. remember he was desperate to keep her after the killings. hes not a fool. no woman wants a rapist husband.

so that's my bug bare. why take tina.
this is all I can see with the informationive i had access to.
happy to thrash out my thoughts with anyone :-)
dmac I got the feeling you don't believe tina was sexually assaulted. i'd love to know what you know to dismiss this.
because we have so little info about her that's my conclusions.
cheers ::-|
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Re: hey!

Postby dmac » Wed Aug 16, 2017 5:33 pm

Sue and Tina were asleep side-by-side in beds adjacent in a small room.

The killers directly went to Sue, and blood was found on both beds, carpet, wall, door. The screams heard were just a few minutes after the killers left the bar.

Tina never went anywhere without her chained wallet, which was found beside her bed.

My understanding of the logic is:

Tina died in 28, before Sue, as they were attacked at the same time. Sue was the target, and Tina was supposed to be sleeping next door (as per usual). Sheila was supposed to be at 28, not Tina.

Who knew Tina was at 28 rather than Sheila? Justin and the killers.

NEVER believe the bullshit about Marilyn knocking on the door to see if Sue wanted a beer. This is pure BS by Loon, contradicting everything about the Loonibi, only so she could deflect attention to Marty and, most importantly, Bo.

Loon put all the blame on Marty, except when it came to who wanted to fuck Sue. Loon lied and said it was Bo. I suspect she knew better.

Loon NEVER knocked on Sue's door and asked her to the bar. That is one of the most idiotic premises of the Loon additions to the Loonibi.


Take that out of your theory, try again.
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Re: hey!

Postby dmac » Fri Aug 18, 2017 12:33 pm

BTW, I wasn't being harsh on you. That's my usual self spewing facts over fiction. Don't take it the wrong way, but realize your boat is lopsided or capsized if you don't see the shit I realized pretty early on:

LOONIBI is real
LOON varied from the Loonibi to draw attention to Bo or Marty... Most often Marty.

All three are killers, so Loon is pissing up a rope once you see her idiotic methods.

Fuck that. Any idiot who ran onto the case would have known Loon is involved from the git-go. 35 years of lies and faked/doctored reports by corrupt LE can't change 'fucked' to 'genius'. There was no genius in the room in 81, and the case is purely FUCKED.
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