Hi from Sweden!

introduce yourself, & tell us how you became interested in the case.

Hi from Sweden!

Postby Kamala86 » Sun Sep 24, 2017 7:34 am

Hej där! (A Swedish greeting, you should be able to figure out what it means without me telling you ^^)

I just joined the forum and thought a quick introduction would be nice. My name is Marcus, I'm older than I care to admit publicly (30, going on 31), and I'm from Sweden.

I first heard about this case a few years back on Youtube and got hooked. This is one of those rare cases where, despite a gruesome quadruple murder, the investigation is more interesting than the murders themselves. I have recently begun studying the case more in depth and that's why I finally joined. Dmac and many of the guys and girls in here have done more for the case than LE has done in 30+ years.

With a risk of angering Dmac, this is my take on the case with what I got so far:
I think Marty killed Sue, because of his crumbling marriage and him blaiming her for it. If Marty was an abusive husband he might have taken it out on Marilyn, which led her to also blame sue, and I think it's very likely she instigated the murders - get rid of Sue who's causing Marty to act out, and get rid of Marty at the same time, hoping he gets caught. I also believe the confession Marty made to his therapist, and that he killed Tina.

Therefore I also believe it was Bo who killed Johnny and Dana. If he indeed was involved with the mob I don't think he would have patience with two teens busting in on the scene of a crime in progress, and that angered him to an extent that would explain the overkill.

As for the boys, I don't know what to make of it. Why Rick is stayed silent all these years is a mystery to me. Greg was too young to really remember anything of importance at this stage. And then we have Justin, oh boy... That he witnessed the whole thing should be apparent to anyone, despite him later denying it. As for the claims that he was forced to participate, I don't know. There are a few compelling arguments for it and I might change my mind on it later but I'm struggling to believe it at this moment.

Anyways, I'm glad to be onboard and look forward to joining in the discussions on here! :)


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Re: Hi from Sweden!

Postby dmac » Sun Sep 24, 2017 8:17 am

Keep an open mind about everything. I've been at this for years and still am not convinced on any given motive. Three plus people directly involved, each with complex motives. I think it's logical to assess multiple people involved indicates each of their motives are more difficult to ascertain than the lone nut wanting to rape rob and murder.

Yes, the bigger case here is the coverup.
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