810508 Sac Bee Article-"Still No Suspects"

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810508 Sac Bee Article-"Still No Suspects"

Postby dmac » Tue Sep 26, 2017 8:18 pm

Here's the May 8th Sac Bee article many have seen but, Ill bet, very few have read. Read it.

It first mentions a graph on a PCSO wall. It sounds like an early version of the one that lined the Keddie room. This early graph, though, was only comprised of three timeline threads. The top line is supposed to account for Sue and Tina's whereabouts all of Saturday, which ends when they go to bed. A big problem is if this line follows the early PCSO lie that Tina was with Sue most of the day, which is absolutely untrue.

The middle line is dedicated to Saturday's known activities in and around 28. The bottom line is dedicated to J&D's whereabouts. It ends at 10:16, where they're seen under an S&L sign with a digital clock display. This sighting doesn't ring any bells, and for years PCSO went with the idea 9:30 is around the time they were last seen. There are a couple sightings that may fit this Savings and Loan sign sighting, and there was an S&L across Lawrence, just south of Exxon, but I don't know if their sign had a clock. Plus, I've never seen an explanation as to why the later sighting of them walking AWAY from Keddie while hitching was ignored or deemed unreliable.

Thomas is interviewed, and he states they have NO SUSPECTS. Liar. "We're not going to find our killer until we can account for those boys after they were seen hitchhiking". Killer? Singular? Hitching? LIAR!

He mentions how most cases run out of leads after a couple days, but this case is "bizarre" and claims, within 3 weeks, the eight people working the case have clocked 2000 man hours. Kinda hard to believe, since it would take 11 full days with 8 people working 24/7 to clock that many hours.

DT says it's believed the murders happened at 2 AM- which is what I believed for a looooong time (right after Marty and Bo closed the bar). But then we found out about the screams at 1:15. Then the Loonibi indicated Loon was involved more and more. Then her lies were being picked apart. one by one, indicating her alibi of being home made no sense, and was a story she changed almost as many times as she told it. Watching Late News. Watching a war movie. Marty arguing on the phone. Marty saying she was out cold when he and Bo got home, while Bo said she was wide awake. Knocking on Sue's door to invite her out to be the fourth wheel. ALL LIES.

The killings began around the time the screams were heard, and the actions and words of Loon, Bo, and Marty only support this fact. This article continues the lie that the boys slept and neighbors heard nothing, but it was well known by LE at that time screams were heard at 1:15.

In this article, Sheila is said to have repeated that Tina wanted to stay at 27, too, but Sue had "ordered her home". I don't believe this is the result the Sac Bee talking with her... Surely she and the boys were already off in Oregen by the time this reporter was doing the legwork, so chances are they are quoting PCSO who were paraphrasing Sheila.

Crim & Bradley are termed "seasoned investigators", as he called them for the FRB. Yech. More than 150 pieces of evidence are claimed to have been cataloged, from chunks of walls down to a "tiny item Thomas won't describe except to say it might prove to be a key in breaking the case". Wanna bet this is the site ramp? So Doug is, again, holding back from FBI HQ about the rifle, that the killers probably brought it with them, PREMED, etc.

It wraps up with Doug Albin discussing the mood in Keddie, that things were returning to normal, and that only tenants in one of the 32 rentals were moving out. Does that count cabin 26?
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