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Re: Meeks

Postby budrfligh » Tue Sep 19, 2017 7:42 am

More of what is consistently not said or lied about and tied to Marilyn. No facts, no evidence but a connection, and the use of Phillip as an alibi of sorts. Sorry for the dbl post I'm experiencing touch screen issues. I cracked my screen and it has a mind of its own. I am seeing things gel regarding Wade. I am very curious about the defuncto card party and Ninas adament claim ALL her kids were home that night by 10 pm but we know that Wade was not. Lies n alibis...protecting killers but leaving orphaned kids to swing in the wind? The same reasons as always it nags at me. Lies bother me. Nina lies a touch better than Loon but inconsistencies still abound and honestly all I have to work with is what people have said.
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Re: Meeks

Postby leenie963 » Tue Sep 19, 2017 6:19 pm

Since this is under 'just speculatin''s a gut instinct motive:

Another thought about Meeks involvement and having just digested some old postings by "Richard's Mother" and her idea of how Tina was traded for dope among other things -and the Meeks clan seemingly involved in the aftermath if not the immediate aftermath ie Wade driving Bo, Richard/Sheila timelines screwy, Mrs. Meeks outing Dee Lake, her inability to keep the focus on Tina's memorial instead letting those tight lips slip out her true feelings of just having met her grandchild for the first time. This thought filtered through and if it's been suggested before my apologies, I'm still reading and forming ideas.

Sheila and Richard put their baby up for adoption and it totally pissed off Meeks. From reading her posts of the past she wouldn't say shit about her kids if they were spoon feeding it to her. If she was so sure Tina was in the car being taken out the next morning with Dee Lake and Marty why didn't she call the police? If she was so sure Marty did it by his very actions inside her own home, wouldn't she call the cops? Why would she allow her son Wade take Bo to the bus stop if she knew they were the killers? Which Meeks was she protecting in those vital hours after the crime? Wade? "Where's the dope Wade"... traded Tina for dope? Uh huh.

Perhaps she just benefited by the deeds of another--revenge being a big motive--by the murders of the very one who denied her that baby--Sue. She was the target no doubt in my mind. Tina always spent the night at the Seabolts on the weekend. Sheila never did. Was it a mistake that Tina was there and not Sheila? "If it bleeds it breeds"... could that statement have been directed not at Tina, but at Sheila?

By her prior posts everyone else is lying...not Richard, not Wade, not herself. Did she latch on to Marilyn before she knew she was boinking her son and couldn't take back her participation/backing of the Loonibi, only to quibble over smaller points with Loon?

Sorry...rambling thoughts. Tomorrow it's back to bookmarks.
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Re: Meeks

Postby justice17 » Thu Sep 28, 2017 12:40 pm

Just major speculation...

The thought has crossed my mind that it is possible the main perpetrators were Nina & Her "mate", as Loon has referred to him. Nina wouldn't have known that Justin was spending the night with The Sharp Family. Was she surprised to see Justin peeking out from the hallway, and then recognize him as her own friends child? Did she call Loon and tell her "we have a major problem! come to Sues cabin immediately". PLAN B..

That would explain WHY Mama M took them in. It would also explain why Justin urinated on himself when LE showed up to question him at The Meeks household.
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Re: Meeks

Postby dmac » Thu Sep 28, 2017 2:09 pm

I smell BS. If Justin really peed his pants before talking with DT or whomever, it would have been a milestone in the investigation, noted in whatever records of that encounter. And Justin would have, thereafter, been called 'Pissypants' in all following documents.

Again, this smells of Tunabi.
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Re: Meeks

Postby budrfligh » Sat Jan 13, 2018 1:46 pm

I am going to revisit everything I can on Wade Meeks. Me thinks there is more to him than meets the eye. I keep rewinding Loon's begging( dareing???) him to answer these questions for her in the forum. It is nagging my brain. Tag your it! The way her and Nina go back and forth and her bringing Wade into it tells me there is a veiled threat and he is involved in more than her love life!
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