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Postby dmac » Fri Oct 06, 2017 4:37 pm

1. LaRonda- probably true (Sat night)
2. Wade- absolutely, multiple times Sunday onward, not known Sat
3. Nina- absolutely, multiple times Sunday onward, not known Sat
4. Jim the ex- I doubt like hell those stories are true
5. Richard- unknown
Anyone else?!
6. Philip is listed coming after the murders with Wade & Blaine. LE accounts alone are contradictory

1> I've leaned heavily towards Nina's earliest accounts of Sunday morning being truest, but when I recently tore it apart ("earlier rather than later"), Shaver's report almost immediately bit my ass off re: when the earliest the Meeks could have picked up Loon, Casey, Justin. For LaRonda to stay at the Krois house Sat night speaks to a schism that must have existed between her and 28 as, certainly, Sheila would have invited her to stay over when all her attempts to get a sleepover together went up in flames- resulting in Sheila staying at 27, Tina and Justin at 28. I've also found info suggesting Sheila and LaRonda may have lived together years later, out by the animal shelter in EQ. Late 80s, after Sheila would have been "of age" to move away from the steps in Oregon.

4> Just way too much garbage in the accounts- all of it incriminating Marty but never Loon or Bo. Were it scripted, it couldn't be more illogical and incriminating. Marty and Meeks have phones but, after Marty failed to show up in EQ, Jim DROVE rather than phoned? Bull Shit. Saw cops everywhere but had little reason to question why Marty was burning shoes in the yard? A fire nobody else noticed, saw, smelled? Naw, the Jim stuff is simply far too hinky. And this LONG BEFORE Nina's own accounts of what happened Sunday morning?

5> Richard was known to be with John on Friday night. He told me Johnny was gone when he woke up in the AM, was not at the breakfast table, but they ran into each other multiple times as per reports. The store, the Arcade, the Brown trailer park. Yet his accounts vary wildly with Sheila's and, for that matter, Justin's- the latter two both had J&D in Keddie around 1230, even doing yard work, changing clothes to head back to Keddie.

I've never seen good reports taken from the Meeks early on- other than when they debriefed Wade but not Marty after Marty threatened him in the Drunk Tank.

Without repeating too much more, there's just too many contrary accounts- and some, quite frankly, shamelessly false- for me to be confidant in many statements sans outside confirmation.
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Postby meankitty » Fri Oct 27, 2017 1:04 pm

justice17 wrote:Hello MK:

A couple of questions:

Didn't two of The Meeks 'boys' supposedly pre-warn their Mom to reply 'NO',when Johnny asked if they could stay the night at Cabin 28? Excuse was that Dana might have had a beer or two,and was a diabetic? If true...Holy crap,they saved themselves. Pretty darn lucky!

How many of the Meeks Family members were in Keddie in the 24 hours before and after the murders? I'm not implying anything. Just want to be sure.
1. LaRonda
2. Wade
3. Nina
4. Jim the ex
5. Richard
Anyone else?!
Hi, sorry I missed this. I did hear of the Meeks boys doing that, but I don't know how accurate that was. It looks like Dmac answered your list, but #5 could be likely in the week after the murders if LE took him on a tour of the cabin.
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