ACCURATE Transcript of Bo's DOJ Interview, 14 Apr 81

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ACCURATE Transcript of Bo's DOJ Interview, 14 Apr 81

Postby dmac » Sun Nov 06, 2016 7:40 pm

Here's the accurate version of Bo's interview with Crimely. As with Marty's interview, this needs to be read in full, and COMPARED to the 'official version'. As with the official transcript of Marty's interview, some errors are probably innocent. Others clearly cannot be. Once you see what's been omitted from the actual taped interview, you should flip. THIS WAS A COVERUP.

The tape recorder was turned off several times, with many minutes of conversation therefore missing. Why would they say, "Hmm, I wonder if this tape is still going?" when you can tell that it is by looking at the deck? Why would they then turn the tape back on and say the strangely obvious, "Yeah, it's still going"? Wouldn't it be smarter to say, "The tape deck is turned back on. The time is"

Bo's pregnant pauses are out of this world- several minutes of the tape are eaten up with his sometimes twenty-second-long pauses. When you read his responses, imagine he's speaking at the speed of George Bush, reading that book to the class as the Twin Towers fell. Then count out the seconds of those pauses while thinking about the import of the question he's not answering.

Count the times he DID know where the victims' house was, then how often he didn't. He asked Marty... errr, no, Loon... about Sue, yet never met her? Marty saw swarms of cops in Keddie, but B was blind to it?

It's clear Crim and Bradley spent time with Bo at cabin 26 prior to sauntering down to the lodge. It's also clear Marty spent time with Crim prior to the interview. It's also obvious Marty is present at least at the end of Bo's interview (listen to Marty's set-up line about Bo's medications!), and that they spent at least eight minutes, all together, while the tape was turned off.

As with Marty's interview, comparing the original transcripts to the actual spoken words give the questions AND answers completely different meaning. In both cases, the inaccuracies and deliberate omissions would have blown this case out of the water DECADES ago.

Grab your blood pressure pills.






Crim: This will be an interview with Mr. John S. Boubede, capital B-o-u-b-e-d-e, this the correct address, John?

Boubede: Yes.

Crim: 1050 North Sierra, Reno, Nevada, by Special Agents Harry Bradley and P.A. Crim, Jr., California Department of Justice conducted at the Keddie Resort, banquet room of the main building. Time is approximately 1027 am.

Bradley: O.K. John, back when I met you up at the house here... maybe I'll move that tape over a little bit so it picks up on everbody talking.... uh, we understood that Mr Smartt told you that, uh, eventually we were coming out here,

Boubede: Yes

Bradley: ...that he had called a little earlier?

Boubede: Yes, he had called a short time before...

Bradley: OK. Today?

Boubede: Yes.

Bradley: He said we were coming out to talk to you?

Boubede: Yes.

Bradley: O.K., and the reason why we want to talk to you right now is the fact that we understand that you might be leaving the area.

Boubede: Yes, sometime this evening, as a matter of fact.

Bradley: OK. We're primarily interested in if you saw or heard anything Saturday night. You know what occurred down the street?

Boubede: Yes.

Bradley: At the home over there.

Crim: Where those people were involved in a bad situation.

Bradley: Were you?... You were here Saturday night, right?

Boubede: Yes, sir.

Bradley: O.K., and I understood possibly, this is hearsay, that you may have went out and down to the bar and so forth?

Boubede: Yes, ah, Marilyn, Mrs. Smartt.

Bradley: Is that Marilyn, Mrs. Smartt's first name, is Marilyn?

Boubede: Yes, ah Mrs. Smartt, Mr. Smartt and myself had went down there approximately, oh 9:30 - 10:00 o'clock.

Bradley: 9:30 or 10:00 o'clock. OK. Now, what's Mr. Smartt's first name?

Boubede: Uh, Marty.

Bradley: Marty. We've never met him, so I don't know who... Uh... The three of you went down to the bar?

Boubede: Yes.

Bradley: OK, and I take it you walked over there? There's no...

Boubede: Yes.

Bradley: All right. Was there, when you got to the bar, was there many people in there? Was it a big night type of thing?

Boubede: I would say approximately 7 or 8.

Bradley: OK. Do, did you know any of the other people in the bar?

Boubede: No.

Bradley: Was ah, did they appear to be residents of Keddie or were they?

Boubede: Yes, yes.

Bradley: Most of the people in the bar lived in this area...

Boubede: Ah, I'm saying that ah Martin knew most of them.

Bradley: OK. So he could probably help us out here?

Boubede: Yes, yes.

Bradley: What we're trying to do is find out the people that were around that night, that particular time. Is that tape picking up right there?




Bradley: O.K., Marty, you feel Marty probably knows most of the people?

Boubede: Yes, I did. Ah, he introduced me to one or two of them as a matter of fact. We left [pause] shortly before [pause] 1:00 because of a [long pause] change in the music.

Bradley: OK. What kind of music was the change?

Boubede: Uh. It was changed from, uh, Country and Western to, um, rock & roll and Marty had called.

Bradley: I don't blame you for leaving there.

Boubede: Not at all, ah, Marty had called the gentleman who owned the bar as soon as we returned home and, uh, complained about that. And he said that he was sorry and we went back down to have a drink and apologize to him.

Bradley: Who, who was the manager? Who did he call, do you know?

Boubede: [very low voice] Jim, I think. [Then, with no hesitation and much louder:] Bill, I think.

Bradley: Bill? And he's the bar manager?

Boubede: uh, I believe so, yes.

Bradley: Was he the guy tending bar? Or was there a young, kind of blonde...

Boubede: Yes, yes, he was the gentleman tending, uh, tending the bar.

Bradley: I take when they change music, that's just with the machine, they don't have live music?

Boubede: Uh, it's a disco type thing, you know, they play the records.

Bradley: Oh. Oh. So then after you got home you made this call and then came back down again, back to the bar?

Boubede: Uh huh, uh huh, Marilyn had stayed home.

Bradley: OK [pause] Which, what way did you walk when you went back home?

Boubede: Directly down this street here.

Bradley: So you came out down at the bar, that's downstairs here? Around the back?

Boubede: Yes sir.

Bradley: Did you go out through the parking lot, up and down the street here?

Boubede: Yes sir.

Bradley: Hmm... [long pause] Now, when you were... when you came out of the bar, and when you came, how long was it that you were gone, that you came back?

Boubede: You mean how long were we in the bar?

Bradley: No, I should rephrase that. When you guys didn't like the music, you left the bar, went home. Alright now, let's get that... Whenyou came through the parking lot and up the street, did you pass the victims' house?

Boubede: [thinking] Uhhhhhhh, yes.

Bradley: The three of you?

Boubede: Yes.

Bradley: OK... Now did you see any... What was the condition of the house? Were there any lights on in there, do you recall?

Boubede: Ah, I didn't notice.

Bradley: Didn't notice. Did you hear any noise then? From the, from within the house?

Boubede: No.

Bradley: You didn't notice any lights or any noise...

Boubede: No.

Bradley: What about any cars parked out front?

Boubede: [pause] There were several cars parked right here in the immediate area.

Bradley: By here, you mean around the resort area here?

Boubede: Uh, just, uh...directly in back of the resort, like, uh, like, uh, towards the cabin area.

Bradley: Not down by the bar, but this parking lot over here?

Boubede: Right.

Bradley: Mmm-kay.

Crim: Where I just parked my car? In that area?

Boubede: Right.

Bradley: Mmm-kay. So there were several cars parked there?

Boubede: Right. The only one I could tell you was a Corvair.

Bradley: Corvair? What color was it?

Boubede: Either a very dark blue, or black.

Bradley: Have you see that around here before?

Boubede: Ah, well, I've only been here a short time, ah, less than a month.

Crim: So you've had a month you've been here?

Boubede: About a month. So I wouldn't be able to say.

Bradley: Had you ever seen it before? In here?

Boubede: No.

Bradley: No. [Long pause, shuffling of papers] Uh, was there any, was there any traffic, any cars moving, along the road when you and Marilyn, and Mr. Smartt walked home?

Boubede: No.

Bradley: No cars moving, Mmm-kay. [Long pause] After you got home, that's when Mr. Smartt called the bar. Did he do that right away?

Boubede: Immediately.

Bradley: Did you hear what he had to say?

Boubede: Ah he was very unhappy.

Bradley: Again, I can say I don't blame him.

Boubede: [laughing] Hmm! Hmm! Hmm! Hmm! Hmm!

Bradley: I hate that rock and roll. And they always have to play it so dang loud you can hardly hear. I wonder why people go for that stuff. How long after he made the complaint did you guys go back?

Boubede: [Thoughfully] Ohhhh, maybe 10 minutes.

Bradley: Hmmm, ten minutes...

Boubede: I felt as though we should apologize cause the way Marty had talked to him.

Bradley: Oh, what was that?

Boubede: Well, ya know, he was, uh, "darn ya know, you lost 3 good customers, uh, we come in all the time and my goodness you shouldn't do this here and your wife came in and said she's running it and this is not so." So uh, I just thought we should go back and apologize.

Bradley: Sounds like a good idea. Being he's lived here, he has to probably go in there a lot.

Boubede: Uh huh.

Bradley: Look, now, when you went back to the bar, How did you go back?

Boubede: Same thing, went down the road, came to the parking lot, and then went right in back.

Bradley: Basically the same way that you...

Boubede: Same way.

Bradley: ...same way you came outta there. [Long pause] Now that time when you went back, did you see any cars [pause] around that house up there? [after a very long pause waiting for Bo to answer] That you...

Boubede: [Cutting him off] Not that I noticed.

Bradley: Well, were there any lights on in the house or ay sign of a disturbance at all?

Boubede: I wouldn't even know the house, uhhh, unless you pointed it out to me.

Bradley: You don't know the house, which one we're talking about?

Boubede: [immediately] No.

Bradley: Oh, I thought you'd know.

Boubede: No.

Bradley: Oh, well, we'll point it out to you on the way back. It's the second one, you know where the Seabolts live on the corner?

Boubede: No sir.

Bradley: Hmm... [ pause] Uhh

Boubede: [Cutting him off] Like I say, I've only been here about a month. uh, I know very few people here.uh [pause] uh, Relatively few.

Bradley: Yeah. Do you know where Justin spent the night that night?

Boubede: Yes sir, uh, at a friend's, and that's all.

Bradley: Oh, you don't know what house it was?

Boubede: No, no.

Bradley: OK.

Boubede: Uh, [singsong voice] Negative.

Bradley: [Quick and terse] Hang on. [pause] Since Saturday, have you seen a lot of police cars there and?

Boubede: Oh yes, oh yes.

Bradley: Coming in and out of a house?

Boubede: Yes. Roped in. Taped in.

Bradley: This house right up the street?

Boubede: Uh huh.

Bradley: That's the house I'm talking about.

Boubede: Well, I saw them on the street but I didn't know uh [pause] uh in which house [unintelligable]. [10:42]

Bradley: O.K., should have pointed that out to you on the way down. I'll do that on the way up so you know what house I'm talking about to see if you recall any... was there lights on in any of the houses?

Boubede: [after a ten-second pause, very low:] Not that I recall.

Bradley: None?

Crim: Did you hear anybody talking or anybody hollering or anything like that?

Boubede: [after a six-second pause, very low:] No.

Crim: Did you see anybody walking on the street?

Boubede: [very low] No.

Bradley: The only activity then appeared to be down around the bar?

Boubede: Uh, and there wasn't too much there, there wasn't too much there. Uh, there was about 5 or 6 cars parked over in that area, right there, 5 or 6.

Bradley: In the parking lot there at the...?

Boubede: Not at the bar, in that area over by those apartments. [pause] The only thing that caught my attention was the Corvair.

Crim: Yeah, you don't see too many of those around any more.

Boubede: Nah-uh, that's the first thing that caught my mind.

Bradley: Okay, when you went back to the bar then, uh, how many people were in it then?

Boubede: [after a nine second pause, very low:] Possibly 4 or 5.

Bradley: There were less customers there than...

Boubede: Yes, yes.

Bradley: Apparently, they got the message too and didn't like the music.

Boubede: Mm, I can appreciate that.

Bradley: Yeah. Were they men or women, or do you remember that?

Boubede: A-h-h-h-h-h... [seve second pause, very low] About half and half.

Bradley: [pause] Did you talk to the bartender when you got back?

Boubede: Yes, ah, he apologized.

Bradley: Mr. Martin did?

Boubede: For the music and ah

Bradley: You mean the bartender apologized?

Boubede: Mm-hmm. He is also the owner, or the manager.

Crim: What's that name, do you know?

Boubede: I believe Bill.

Bradley: So then I guess everything was hunky dory and you guys just had a couple more drinks, or what?

Boubede: Ah, had one more drink and then we left and went back right home.

Bradley: Mm.

Crim: Here again, you saw or heard nothing unusual?

Boubede: Huh uh.

Crim: Saw nobody on the street, or no cars moving around?

Boubede: Nothing at all.

Bradley: What are you normally drink in there?

Boubede: Ah, Cokes as a rule.

Bradley: Coke.

Boubede: But that time I had a CC and Coke.

Bradley: That last time huh?

Boubede: Yes.

Bradley: There wasn't a female bartender on duty.

Boubede: No, male.

Bradley: Just a male.

Boubede: Ah, Bill, I believe. Ah, female waitress.

Bradley: There was a female waitress.

Boubede: Yes.

Bradley: Do you know her name?

Boubede: No, I don't.

Bradley: Cause they may know these people, we can get ahold of her, she may know some of those people in the bar. She had to...

Boubede: Never more than 8 or 9. At the most.

Crim: In the bar?

Boubede: a time, when we were in there.

Bradley: How long do you think you were there on the second time around?

Boubede: Oh, [7 second pause] 30 minutes tops, because ah, the reason I say that is, um, we were finishing our drink, and he said "no more drinks." Because it was two, I imagine.

Crim: He didn't say time to close or anything like that?

Boubede: No, he said that, uh, "no more drinks."

Bradley: That's for everybody?

Boubede: Yes.

Bradley: So then most people, I expect, got up and left?

Boubede: Yes.

Bradley: Was anybody in the bar after you left or?

Boubede: Mm.

Bradley: I know there's generally people that hang around after the bar closes, shoot the bull and stuff.

Boubede: I really don't know.

Crim: But Martin seemed to know most everybody that was in there?

Boubede: Ah, he knew a few.

Crim: A few, not all of them.

Bradley: You don't know any of them?

Boubede: No.

Bradley: [pause] So we're just thinking around 2:00 that you guys left the bar probably.

Boubede: Yeah.

Bradley: That would be a pretty good guess?

Boubede: Yeah, yeah.

Bradley: How come Marilyn didn't go back with you guys?

Boubede: Well, we went back, uh, because Marty was uh, uh, upset with the bartender, uh, because of the change in music more than anything else.

Bradley: So she just stayed home...?

Boubede: Yeah.

Bradley: After you left here, then this would be the third time you walked back, you walked back home?

Boubede: Mm-hmm.

Bradley: Did you see any activity at that time?

Boubede: Nothing unusual.

Bradley: Nothing unusual. No lights, cars, traffic, anything else.

Boubede: Mmmm. Huh-uh.

Crim: Pertinent, we mean, usually.

Boubede: Huh-uh. Uhhh... [loudly clears throat] This is what was so surprising to me because, uh, I'm a very light sleeper and, uh... um,... if there's an unusual noise... something like that

Bradley: Get right up?

Boubede: Yeah, and ah, I didn't hear anything at all.

Bradley: [9 second pause, someone's finger tapping on table] When you got back to the house, was Marilyn up or in bed or what?

Boubede: No, she was up.

Bradley: She was still up?

Boubede: [in the affirmative] Hmm.

Bradley: [8 second pause] What's your relation to them?

Boubede: [immediate reply] Uh, Marilyn's my niece.

Crim: [5 second pause] Your sister or your brother's daughter, which?

Boubede: My sister's her mother.

Crim: Mm.

Bradley: I never get that straight [laughter], can't figure that out.This thing might go on for some time,you know, we'll be talking...

Boubede: [loudly interrupting] God, I hope not.

Bradley: a lot of people. Well, I hope not, but there's a good chance it will.

Boubede: No, I mean, uh, in regards to this, uh, this thing. Uh... [five second pause] It's so terrible, I don't think there's anything I can tell you. [28:55]

Bradley: I don't either.

Crim: [Agreeing] Mm-hmm.

Bradley: If we had to get a hold of you again, how could we do that?

Boubede: Uh, Very easily. Uh, contact Marilyn. And, uh, she has my, uh, forwarding address. I'm going to, uh, Klamath Falls,uh, Oregon to, uh, work for a, um, police newspaper.

Bradley: What are you going to do there?

Boubede: Uh, sell advertisements.

Bradley: Mmm. Is that your occupation?

Boubede: Well, since I retired, yes.

Crim: You said yesterday you were a retired police officer.

Boubede: Yes.

Crim: From where?

Boubede: Cook County, Illinois.

Crim: Cook County, sheriff's office, huh?

Boubede: Yes, Sheriff's Department.

Bradley: How many years, John?

Boubede: 18, I was retired because of a gunshot wound.

Crim: Medical disability?

Boubede: Yes.

Bradley: Cook County S.O.

Boubede: {Sing-song voice] Yes, indeed!

Bradley: Dang, I wish I could think of the guy's name. When did you leave there?

Boubede: 1958.

Bradley: Oh, well, this guy [18:43] [UNINTELLIGIBLE OVERLAPPING TALKING]

Crim: [Loudly] That kid [Quickly fades into unintelligible mumbling] it's been long after that. [Chuckling, ten seconds of unintelligible near-whispering]

Bradley: That we've talked about?

Crim: He' been long after that [All laugh]

Boubede: Uh, I was there when Sheriff Frank Sain was there.

Crim: So you, hmm, got retired in '58?

Boubede: Wep. Uh, uh, I didn't want to but, um, unfortunately...

Bradley: How long had you been on there? On the department?

Boubede: Ah, I had been on 18 years. Mm-hmm!

Crim: How did... What kind of deal did you, that happen, where you got shot?

Boubede: Uhhh, it was in an armed robbery and uh, I was foolish enough to, uh, [19:18 unintelligable] uh, trying to take a gun.

Bradley: Hmm. Yeah! That ain't too good.

Boubede: Hm-mm, hm-mm. And, uh, That's it. Caught a bullet...

Crim: and Bradley: [in uninson] Is that right?

Boubede: caught me through my hip, uh, and through my groin, uh, up in through here, uh, severed some nerves and, uh,... Shot me up pretty badly, so...

Bradley: Boy, you're lucky! Dang lucky!

Boubede: Not really. Not really, umm... umm, I'm, completely, umm, impotent.

Crim: [in unison with Bradley] Oh, wow.

Bradley: Oh are you really?

Boubede: Yeah..

Bradley: Done the job on you, huh?

Boubede: Uh-huh, tried his damnest. Tried his damnest. Only got 10 years for it.

Bradley: Is that right?

Crim: All he got huh?

Bradley: Made you totally impotent though huh?

Boubede: Uh-huh. [Pause] uh... [pause] uhhh... Nothing! Let's put it that way: NOTHING!

Bradley: Hmm! What about desire?

Boubede: Oh, yes! [laughter] Yes.

Bradley: Lots of desire but you can't.

Boubede: Yes! but that's all, but that's all.

Bradley: That would be a heck of a shape to be in for sure.

Just kinda, if you don't mind... After you left the department did you stay in Chicago or did you get out?

Boubede: No, I left and, uh, went to Indiana and uh, I opened a tractor and trailer firm in Lansing, Illinois, and I stayed with it for approximately [pause] 8 years, [long pause] and 8 years. And then I left there and went to public relations and advertising.

Bradley: Where was that?

Boubede: Uh, in Hammond. Started in Hammond, then I went to Virginia and then I went to, uh, Biloxi, Mississippi.

Bradley: And you didn't do any... Uh... What kind of work is that?

Boubede: It's all advertising with Policemen's papers.

Bradley: Oh, it's been Policemen's papers?

Boubede: Ah, like F.O.P. [Fraternal Order of Policemen] umm, which I belong to, uhhh, P.A.L., which I also belong to...

Bradley: P.A.L. is what?

Boubede: Police Athletic League. Uhhhhmm, uhh, the Childrens Benevolent Assoc.

Crim: Hmm!

Boubede: Uh... Actually, it's a nationwide thing.

Crim: Mm-hmm...

Crim: You go around different spots...

Boubede: Yeah.

Crim: ...around selling advertisements

Boubede: Yeah.

Crim: ... to different people,

Boubede: Yes.

Crim: ... is this so they will support the publications and that type of thing?

Boubede: Ya, ya, that is.

Bradley: Do you do any in California?

Boubede: No, I haven't. Actually, I came up here, uh, with an idea of, uh, putting out a map for California and ah, it's just too difficult.

Bradley: You do a lot of traveling around then, I suppose?

Boubede: A great deal. A great deal.

Bradley: Do you do that in your car? Is that...? I saw a car in your driveway...

Boubede: No, that's Martin's. That's Martin's, I fly.

Bradley: Oh, you do huh?

Boubede: Yeah, I can't drive, I'm epileptic.

Bradley: Oh, are ya?

Boubede: Marilyn and I both have the same thing.

Bradley: So you're not allowed to drive. How come you got a Calif., or you got a Nevada's license?

Boubede: Yes, but you'll notice that there's a pull on there, there's a, uh {Crim or Bradley is inspecting the ID] No, you''ll see it on the front- that a, uh [pause] line of numbers on there stops. I have to have someone in the car, uh, that is, uh, capable.

Crim: Hmm!

Bradley: Do we have anything like that in California? I don't know.

Crim: I don't know either. I've not seen it. I know there's restrictions on people like that.

Boubede: Yes, indeed, yes indeed. You can drive but you have to have someone in the car that's able.

Crim: To take control?

Boubede: Yeah, uh, in case, uh, you, uh, have a seizure.

Crim: Let me ask a question if you're into?

Bradley: [interrupting] Hey, uh, is that still going?

Crim: Well, I hope so.




Bradley: Yeah, it's still going.

[Clanking of something hollow and metallic, muttering, and Crim begins a question:

Crim: This National Police Reserve Officer's Association.

Boubede: Yes.

Crim: It's got the name Bobby Lake as a representative?

Boubede: Yes, yes.

Crim: What's the significance of that?

Boubede: That is, uhh... I'm sorry, that is one of the gentlemen that worked for me. I was, uh, staff, uh, on that organization. Uh, Rob worked for me on that.

Crim: Yeah, I just, I was just wondering why you had his I.D. card or whatever.

Boubede: Well, uh, I took it back from him when, uh, he quit.

Bradley: [pause] K... [long pause, probably Bradley starts whistling]

Crim: You, are you kind of advance man who makes most of the contacts for... with the various people, or what?

Boubede: Ummmm... Yes, I guess you could say that.

Crim: I don't know whether that's the correct terminology or not.

Boubede: Ya, promotional, promotional, yes, yes.

Crim: Who you gonna, uh, Who you gonna work for in Med, Klamath Falls?

Boubede: Uh... We're going into the, uh, F.O.P.

Crim: F.O.P. They're pretty wide spread all over, aren't they?

Boubede: Mm-hmm! Wonderful organization also. [Pause] I'm also a member of that out of, uh, Shaker Heights, Ohio.

Crim: Shaker Heights?

Boubede: Mm-hmm.

Bradley: That's in Cleveland, ain't it?

Boubede: Yeah, just outside of Cleveland.

Crim: [Long pause] Yeah, I wouldn't know bout that. I never been out there. [Laughter]

Boubede: You haven't missed too much

Bradley: No, you haven't

Crim: [overlapping] That's what I hear...

Boubede: haven't missed too much.

Bradley: What did you do over in Reno?

Boubede: Ah, in Reno, I was in the veteran's hospital for my epilepsy [pause] and a brain scan.

Bradley: You have a heck of a time, don't you?

Boubede: Oh boy, I have a very, very bad seizure problem, very very bad seizure problem.

Bradley: And that plus your gunshot wound.

Boubede: I beg your pardon?

Bradley: That plus your gunshot wound you got some real problems.

Boubede: Yes sir.

[8 second pause]

Crim: So you were in the service then?

Boubede: Yes, sir.

Crim: Harry and I were both Navy men, what were you in?

Boubede: Air Corp.

Crim: Air Corp.

Boubede: The only way!

Crim: [Laughter}

Boubede: If you're Going into gunfire! [Laughter].

[15 second pause]

Crim: Do you, uh, recall overhearing Justin make any kind of statements after he came home that day?

Boubede: No, but ah, Marilyn and Marty and I were sitting in the front room, uh, following, oh, uh, THAT morning, that morning and uh, [6 second pause] Justin was playing with his brother Casey and uh, uh., he was saying, like, "I'll kill you, I'll kill you!", and, "This is how it was done", ya know?

Bradley: Yeah. He was doing that to who?

Boubede: Uh, to his brother.

Crim: His younger brother?

Boubede: Yeah.

Bradley: Yeah. Don't you think he must have seen something?

Crim: Hmm. Yeah.

Boubede: I would think so. Maybe, he shut it off.

Bradley: Pardon?

Boubede: Maybe he shut it off.

Crim: Closed off the mind, oh ya, very possible. Ya, it seems like if he was that vivid about it, and this was how it was done.

Boubede: Very vivid, very vivid, very vivid. Uh... They were wrestling on the floor and uh, he was holding his arm, and uh, [pause] my way not his, ah, "I'll kill you" and "I'll show you how".

Bradley: Man [Long pause] That's something.

Crim: Damn. That's interesting. Very interesting. You gotta, ya gotta think, 'did he see something', and it's just such total shock to him...

Boubede: Yeah, and as much as I hate to admit it, I'm afraid he must have.

Bradley: Yeah, probably so, you don't know... [pause] if he did at that.

Crim: But you know, as you well know, we're looking for anything that might help us.

Boubede: Right, right, any kind of thread.

Bradley: You live here with your niece? About a month?

Boubede: Niece and ya, approximately a month yes.

Crim: Anything else, John, that you can think of... Anything else Justin may have said or done or?

Boubede: No, not Justin, no.

Crim: Well, anybody as far as that's concerned. Anything that you can think about that may be significant, or even anything that's insignificant?

Boubede: Alright. um... Martin, Marilyn and I were sitting at the table. There were two couples sitting directly in back of us. There were four people sitting at the bar.

Crim: You're talking about the bar in here, downstairs, Keddie Back Door.

Boubede: Yes sir. Right. Uh, because, uh, Marty had called my attention to uh, saying my goodness or we've been crowded more than this. Uh [7 second pause] that's the only thing I can think of, the ONLY thing I can think of.

Crim: Those people were present.

Boubede: Yes.

Crim: Saturday night, they were all in there.

Boubede: Yes. Yes.

Bradley: But that isn't unusual hardly.

Boubede: No, but ah, [5 second pause] what I was thinking is, uh, I say is, uh, usually it's more crowded than this. Uh... Now, I asked Marty, uh, uh, about the young lady and uh... [pause] Well, I asked Marilyn actually, and, uh, she said no, uh, she didn't play around or anything like this here.

Crim: You mean the victim, you're talking about the victim?

Boubede: Yes, yes. Ah, she didn't play around. Uhh... [7 second pause] I don't think so.

Bradley: I can't think of anything else now [to Crim] How about you?

Crim: Well...

Bradley: Yeah, we had high hopes on you.

Boubede: did you?

Crim: Yeah [unintelligible, 31:06] said [unintelligible], that's what we thought, y'know?

Boubede: Mm-hmm? Mm-hmm.

Bradley: This, uh... Does a... Have you guys kicked it around over there at the house at all? What you might think?

Boubede: Oh yeah, oh yeah, Marty and I especially.

Bradley: Hmm... to who?

Boubede: Uh, Martin and I.

Bradley: Ya, I... Especially with Justin, I imagine he was

Boubede: No, not to much with Justin. Justin is pretty high strung.

Bradley: I mean that would be kind of scary, to have the kid in the house when that happened.

Boubede: Frightened Marilyn right to pieces.

Bradley: I would imagine.

Boubede: Uh, as a, as a matter of fact, after she went to your office this morning she went to, uh, to the doctor's office for a shot. [5 second pause] Umm... Martin and I have talked [5 second pause] and, uhh, [5 second pause] when Marilyn first mentioned it, when we, uh, when we heard the news, she was under the impression that this boy Dana, another one of the victims I imagine, I guess, ah, had done it...

Bradley: Yeah?

Boubede: ...because he was supposed to be a little short upstairs and, uhh, then she found out he wasn't involved, uhh, [5 second pause] she thought the husband, because the husband was supposed to be very, very jealous [5 second pause] and, uh, that was the only thing that, uh, that, uh, that she was thinking. And I, myself, I've never met the lady

Bradley: Yeah?

Boubede: ...and uh...

Bradley: Yeah... Where, uh..We'd sure like to know which way to go on this thing. What have you done here in the last month? Have you worked at all? Or just kinda kicked...

Boubede: No, I get a check.

Bradley: Oh, on this retirement thing?

Boubede: Yes.

Bradley: From Cook County?

Boubede: Yes.

Bradley: When were you in Reno in the hospital?

Boubede: Ah, Well. uhh, last, uhh... Well, two weeks prior to, uhh, Tuesday. [Clears throat loudly] Excuse me.

Bradley: Two weeks prior.

Boubede: To...

Bradley: Til...

Boubede: Tuesday.

Bradley: M'kay. And that's in the Vets hospital?

Boubede: Yes.

Bradley: Is that because of the epilepsy thing?

Boubede: Yes.

Bradley: How long were you in there?

Boubede: Uhh, also a suicide attempt.

Bradley: Hm. [5 second pause] Were you in the hospital long?

Boubede: Ah, about two weeks, actually.

Bradley: In other words, you were living here in Keddie, when you went down there?

Boubede: No, no, I was in Reno.

Bradley: Oh, were you?

Boubede: I was working in Reno.

Bradley: Were you working for an officer paper over there, too?

Boubede: No, uh, I was doing my own public thing.

Bradley: Hmmm... [pause] hmm.

Crim: You a gram too, also?

Boubede: No, no, I farm it out. Farm it out. Hmm.

Crim: You just do the layout and that kind of thing?

Boubede: Yeah.

Bradley: Well, you just go and have contact with the people in the advertments in the papers?

Boubede: Yeah.

Bradley: Is that pretty good business?

Boubede: Depends. It can be, it can be.

Crim: You came over after you got out of the hospital.

Boubede: Uh, yes. Uh, well, see, I had known Marty, uh, prior to his marrying uh, Marilyn. Uh, and, uh, I had Marty interested in putting out a map for Keddie [4 second pause] and, uh, for Quincy and East Quincy. And , uh, we went to the, umm, Chamber of Commerce and, uh, they set up for us to meet them on the 28th of this month, uh, to present our map and, uh, our presentation. And then, uh, this thing came up in Klamath Falls and I said, "well, fine, we'll take that, if you like." And then, uh, with Marilyn becoming so upset and, uh, Justin becoming so upset. We supposed, if she don't mind, uh, if you'd go down, and, uh, I'll be down, uh, Monday morning.

Crim: Is he going to fly up there from here?

Boubede: Uhh... Bus.

Crim: Bus.

Bradley: What's the outfit up there?

Boubede: In Central Peak.

Bradley: I mean the name of the place you're going to work up there in Klamath Falls?

Boubede: The Terminal of the Police...

Bradley: Oh, the terminal? I missed that. In Klamath Falls, uhh... Are they going to join you later up there?

Boubede: Uh, Marty will. And in turn, we expect to return here around the 27th so we can meet the Chamber.

Bradley: Here in...

Crim: Oh, so you're coming back for your meeting with them?

Boubede: [Talking oveer Crim] Yes. And then, uh, we're going to put the map out here.

Bradley: You think... M... Marty will join you up there though, in case we have to...?

Boubede: Oh, definitely. Oh, yes. definitely.

Bradley: You got a place to stay up there, again?

Boubede: Oh, yes.

Bradley: Mmm. Where is that going to be?

Boubede: Arcade Inn.

Bradley: Arcadia?

Boubede: Arcadia.

Crim: Is that a hotel, or what?

Boubede: Uh, motel.

Crim: In, uh, Klamath Falls?

Boubede: Yes.

Bradley: OK, Just if something up comes up and we want to give you a holler... When do you think Marty will join you?

Boubede: I expect him no later than Sunday night or early Monday morning.

Bradley: Hmm. [7 second pause] And Marilyn just going to stay here and

Boubede: Yes.

Bradley:...keep the place, huh?

Boubede: Yes.

[5 second pause]

Bradley: Well, doggone it, I don't know what else. Can you think of anything that we haven't asked you that you think would shed a light on this thing?

Boubede: [15 second pause, then, in a very low voice] No, not a thing.

Crim: Well, if you do, John, you know

Boubede: I'll damn sure call you. [unintelligible, 37:52, sounds like he's jokingly saying, "Before you find us."]

Crim: Call the sheriff's office.

Bradley: How much did you, do you think you had to drink that night?

Boubede: One drink.

Bradley: Is that it?

Boubede: Uh huh.

Crim: Oh, Saturday night? You only had one drink all night, huh?

Boubede: Yes.

Crim: That was when you came back down.

Boubede: I don't drink that much, uh... [10 second pause]

Bradley: I mean, before you went home, how much did you have to drink?

Boubede: One.

Bradley: The first time you were here, you had one drink?

Boubede: Ah, well, when I first came down, ah, we had cokes.

Bradley: Just plain coke?

Boubede: Ya.

Bradley: All three of you?

Boubede: Ah, no, they drank... Uh, Marilyn had a beer, Marty drank beer, ah, and I drank cokes. Uh, when Marty and I went back, uh, I had one drink, and Marty had a mixed drink.

Crim: You had the CC and coke, you said?

Boubede: Right.

Crim: That's the only drink you had all night, y'say?

Boubede: Yeah.

Crim: Mm-kay.

Bradley: And Marty? What did Marty have when he came back?

[18 second pause]

Boubede: I'm thinking... a beer.

Bradley: Just one?

Boubede: Yup, yup.

Bradley: And the earlier time, it was just one beer?

Boubede: No, no. No. The earlier time, it was about, uh... possibly three of them.

Bradley: OK [pause] Would you say anybody was drunk?

Boubede: Oh, no, no, not at all. Not at all.

Bradley: Mm-kay... You had your faculties with you pretty good, huh?

Boubede: Oh, yes, indeed.

Bradley: So, prolly, y'knonw, if you were drunk, you may not have heard anything, and, err. you wouldn't have seen something?

Boubede: No, no, we were, uh, in complete control. If, uh, something, uh, [pause] had been wrong, we definitely would have noticed it, definitely.

Bradley: Ohh.. Hmm-kay.

Boubede: That's why I say, uh, I, I, I just can't fathom this.

Bradley: Mmm.

Crim: You didn't happen, by chance... and I know it's just a long shot in the dark... You didn't happen, by chance, to know what type of, what state license plate was on that Corvair? Did that attract your attention?

Boubede: No, no.

Crim: Well, I just thought I'd ask while I... put that out there..

Boubede: Ahhh... [7 second pause, then very quietly] wait a second. That calls something to mind.

Bradley: Is that still goin'? Yeah.

[movement of tape deck, large metallic crash]

Bradley: Why don't you just check that, to see if it's working?

Boubede: The California...




[Loud thumping and crashing, oblitrating the discussion]

Boubede: [unintelligible, 40:36]

Crim: Yeah..

Bradley: Yeah.

Boubede: It get's kinda...

Crim: Yeah..

Bradley: Yeah.

Boubede: a pain..

Crim: Well, ya, I've, I've found myself doing that, when I was [uninelligible]...

Boubede: Uhh, dark blue or possibly black, but I think dark blue, uhh... California license plates.

Bradley: Hmm... Kay... Yeah... [11 second pause] Well, anything you wanna ask?

Crim: Hmm.

Bradley: Do try to think, cause we may not get to talk to you again.

Boubede: Well, I hope you don't have to, but I'll state the business: I wish I could help you more. I really do.

Crim: Yeah, we appreciate that. We're digging for anything we can that may shed some kind of light. [Pause] Well, we'll shut, shut this off temporarilly, less you get something.

Bradley: Yeah.




Boubede: [muttering something unintelligible in a low voice, while Crim speaks loudly]

Crim: Terminate this interview approximately 11:10 am.




Crim: We're going to go back on tape here, Mr. Boubede, thinks he might remember something, approx. 11:12.

Boubede: Marty had called and, uh [5 second pause] and had remarked to the bartender, uhhh... [pause] uhh, the owner rather, who I believe his name was Bill, that his wife, Jan, had went to the disc-jockey and said, "don't play this rock and roll any more", or, "don't play this hillbilly music any more. Play rock and roll" And, uh... {long pause] Be it all... Uh, the two coupled that were sitting directly in back of us had left just a second or two before, and then we had left, and we went down, and Marty had called and remarked to the fact, uh, that, that he didn't appreciate that, uh, why in the heck, uh, ya know, uh, should a lady be able to control, uh, the, uh, the, the records? Uhhhh... [18 second pause] There was also an old Ford, [9 second pause] 55, 56, 57, 58, in there somewhere. I can't recall what color, uh, nor the license plate, uh... that was sitting a car or two down from the Corvair,

[TAPE RUNS OUT, 43:34] [Appox 11:14 am]


Crim: We're going to continue this tape, Mr. Boubede, and if you will, please continue where you were?

Boubede: Uhh... I'm under the impression that all of the cars that go to the bar are parked directly in back of the bar. Now, these 5 or 6 cars that were sitting up in there, in the area of where the... the victim's house was at, and there was at least 5 or 6... Uh, 2 or 3 cars down from the Corvair, between a 55 and 58 Ford. Uhhh... I can't recall the coloring nor the license plate

Bradley: [7 second pause] Can't do it, huh?

Boubede: No sir.

Crim: [10 second pause] Ok... Okay, well, we appreciate this. Again, terminate this approx. 11:15 am.




Boubede: And, uhh... there's certain things you'll miss...

Crim: Back on the tape.

Boubede: And, uh, certain things you'll hear, [17 second pause] Something is sitting in the back of my mind, that something had happened downstairs, and I can't recall what it was. [9 second pause] Gentleman that owns the bar, sandy hair, [pause] Or, uhhh... Believe his name was Bill. [9 second pause] I'm blanking.

Bradley: Yeah, we [unintelligible]

Crim: Ya, we're going to have to talk to a lot of people around.

Bradley: Ya, we'll talk to him, he might, you know, he knows who was there, he probably... Most bartenders know the people in the bars.

Boubede: Ya, ya, I wish I could be more help.

Bradley: Well, you have helped. [pause, then, laughing] And then you haven't. I mean, you've been cooperative, but I mean, as far as helping, wish you'd-a seen something, but...

Boubede: [Loudly] Hmmm!

Bradley: Of course [unintelligible, 46:04] let us know by now, before now. Marty would have.

Boubede: Well, umm, Marilyn is completely destroyed, and then, uhh, Justin has been completely destroyed.

Crim: We about done here?

Bradley: Yeah.

Crim: This is, Martin, uh, Smartt.... This is my partner,...

Smartt: Oh, Hi!

Crim: ...Harry Bradley

Bradley: How ya doing?

Smartt: How ya doin' there, Harry?

Bradley: Good!

Smartt: Thanks.

Crim: I think we're..

Smartt: [ To Boubede] I'm sorry!...

Crim: I think we're through anyway.

Smartt: I put your medicine up, and didn't leave it out for you.

Boubede: Oh, that's all


[Approx 11:17 am]

[Marty's interview begins at approx 11:25]
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Re: ACCURATE Transcript of Bo's DOJ Interview, 14 Apr 81

Postby Marius_Eponine » Mon Nov 07, 2016 2:09 am

I find it especially sickening how in certain sections- the Justin bit especially- it's like they're trying to talk him into an alibi, or something, by providing questions that are sympathetic like they KNOW he couldn't have done it- 'do you think he might have seen something' can sort of be read two ways- them trying to suggest to Bo that they're on his side, so to speak, as in they know Justin saw someone ELSE doing it, or it could be read as them warning him because they know he did it already- they're all in it together, so they are making the suggestion that they think Justin saw it so Bo will be in possession of that information. The official version doesn't have that bit where he makes the repulsive joke about ties and ropes- that would have alerted people that he knew more than he ought to have, I suppose
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Re: ACCURATE Transcript of Bo's DOJ Interview, 14 Apr 81

Postby dmac » Mon Nov 07, 2016 2:59 am

"Roped in, taped in" is a reference to the crime scene being cordoned off, secured, as in the yellow evidence tape put around crime scenes. I don't recall any photos showing it in use around 28, but something similar must have been in place at some point for him to note it to Crimely. Probably Sunday.

What bugs me is it's yet another clear indication he knew of LE's presence at the victims' house, much less that he already knew sue and where she lived before the murders. It's also another clear indication Crimely/LE were not only widely aware of his admissions, they clumsily attempted to ignore or mask his admissions of guilt, up to and including doctoring what was said by all parties during these interviews.

Also, what kind of Freudian slip is "roped/taped in", when the term is 'roped off'?

Also, isn't it neat that there's a full PAGE of missing dialogue after Marty is allowed into the interviews? That took less than a minute of talking, once Marty was heard on tape, before the tape was turned off a final time. There was a full eight minutes between when that interview "concluded" and Marty's began. Makes you wonder what those four had to talk about during that time the recorder was OFF.
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Re: ACCURATE Transcript of Bo's DOJ Interview, 14 Apr 81

Postby leenie963 » Mon Nov 07, 2016 11:07 am

Who transcribed the "offical transcript" and who in the hell approved it as complete and accurate? I'd love to know!

I actually printed this out, got out my red pen and the first mistake I found by comparing the "official transcript" to the accurate transcript was the address Bo verified. Typos happen, I get that. But two digits? From 1050 to 15? They asked Bo several times how to contact him in the future if needed. (Yeah, go ask Marilyn my forwarding address, except she's blowing this town too.) Omitting the obvious and making up words that have no sequence or part of a sentence. (FOP as F. Hope...oh my dear gussie)

All the "uh's, ah's, hmm's and ya's" drove me nuts. Small nuances that can and do alter meaning, or at the very least shed more light on the lax attitude of Bradley/Crim. All the lengthy pauses,(and yes I sat here counting them down and you don't realize just how long 17 seconds can be until you try it) the whispers and laughter were so inappropriate. Bo asking Marty/Marilyn about "the young lady", Crim verifies he is talking about Sue. THE TARGET. THE VICTIM. Here's Bradley's next comment: "I can't think of anything else now. How about you?" (to Crim)

Say what?! Retired cop of 18 years with his pecker blown off is not going to ask about hooking up with a woman he hasn't met and you're ready to end the interview?

The way Bo played with them with the lies, oh so many lies...he even jerked them around with the tape being switched on and off as "something is sitting in the back of my mind", "that something happened downstairs" that was pure Boshit. My guess is that's when Marty was brought in, yuckin' it up with "Harry" and getting his talking points down.

Bastids...every last one of them.
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Re: ACCURATE Transcript of Bo's DOJ Interview, 14 Apr 81

Postby dmac » Mon Nov 07, 2016 12:48 pm

And my version doesn't have every ERR, UMM, HMM, YEAH, etc. If I corrected or added every one, I'd never complete the bastard. It was only several minutes in that I began noting the pregnant pauses, then counting the bastards out. Painstaking pain in the ass!
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Re: ACCURATE Transcript of Bo's DOJ Interview, 14 Apr 81

Postby leenie963 » Mon Nov 07, 2016 2:11 pm

To hear the actual emotion or lack of must have been nauseatingly informative. It's so hard to just sit and read a bland transcript that is not accurate. (did so today and took hours on end) I cannot imagine the time it took you to decipher all this mess, but I'm thankful you did. Kick ass, take names!

The Casey angle is one I had a gut feeling early on but no other reason. It may have been Marilyn making a statement she wouldn't have left her child alone that long; and I'm thinking you fucktwit, you never leave a child that age alone so you can go to a bar.

On it goes...
Everyone appreciates your honesty, until you're honest with them.
Then you're an asshole. ~George Carlin
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Re: ACCURATE Transcript of Bo's DOJ Interview, 14 Apr 81

Postby dmac » Mon Nov 07, 2016 8:44 pm

Loon's lies are so transparent and stupid- as are EVERYONE's involved in this clusterf*ck of lies. For instance, when it comes to adding Casey to the equation, Loon claimed for years they went to the bar early in the night. She tried to say they first went to the bar at 7:30 or 8 pm. Bo said 9:30-10 pm. Marty flatly said 10 pm. Here's a few Qs that come to mind:

Given it's NOT kosher to leave your kid alone at home, even if the bar is 100 yards away and this was 1981, here are a few points:

    > How early was Casey left alone at 26, if they were stupid enough to do so? How believable is it they left him home alone anywhere between 7:30 and 10? Hell, Greg was 5 and he didn't go to bed til 9 that night.

    > How believable is it Loon knocked on Sue's door if:
      a> it was that late in the night?
      b> Sue was babysitting Justin?
      c> Bo and Marty talk about so much, but never about Loon knocking on doors, particularly 28s?
      d> Loon's claims of friendship with Sue vacillate between best friends/barely knew each other

Loon is the only one entwined in the Loonibi to mention knocking on Sue's door, and her claims began long after Bo and Marty left town and she was busy further distancing herself from her co-killers, while stating B&M are the only people she knows that she 'came to realize' could be involved in the murders. After that, about the ONLY thing she could recall from that night was:

    Bo and Marty talked her into asking Sue to the bar, after she told them, "Sue doesn't drink. She won't want to go". B&M wouldn't even come to the door- they stood in the middle of the street as Loon went up, alone, and knocked. When the door opened, Sue was clear across the room, on the couch, "working on something"... not even watching TV. Loon notes Sue is alone, so "everyone must already have been in bed". Sue declines, she leaves.

Many things about Loon's BS 'Asking Sue' story she simply can't keep straight, and can't explain away. Who opened/closed the door if Sue was clear across the room when the door opened? She has swapped stories, claiming it was Bo who was angered by the non-existent snub. Then she swapped sides and said Marty got increasingly incensed at Sue as the evening progressed, and claims he was screaming at a woman on the phone when he got home, slamming the phone down and saying, "She can't talk to me that way!" Wow, talk about feeding the lion with a brand new lie!

At the very latest, BMM left for the bar while Rick and Justin were still awake. She would have seen them in the room with Sue. Kids having a sleepover can stay awake, shooting the shit, for a long damned time. Why can't Loon recall any of this? How could she insist Sue come to the bar with her, leaving Tina and Greg presumably asleep, Justin and Rick awake and shooting the shit, and no parental supervision? Hell, when I asked Loon about whether or not that Sat was Marty's fake birthday party, she COULDN'T RECALL if it was, but DID NOT DENY Marty used a fake birthday (April 11, rather than his real birthday, May 11) and that he would celebrate it!

She has different versions of what happened at the bar, who she was with, when Mart disappeared, how long he was gone, which of them complained about the music change, and who instigated leaving the lounge 'in a huff'. She has different versions of what she fell asleep to on TV. First it was the Late News. Back in 2006, I pointed out they got home too late for the news, so she changed her story to claim it was the start of a John Wayne war movie. There was no John Wayne war movie on that night, and the only war movie on when they got home from the bar was Apocalypse Now. No way to mistake Sheen and Brando for Wayne, and it wasn't available in Keddie. As of her recent return to the crime scene (her brief involvement on this forum, after Marty's hammer was found this past spring), she has now changed which room she and Marty slept in!

I can go on and on about the lies Loon tells, and they all destroy her alibi, but I concentrated on casting doubt on her claim she left Casey home alone that night. Sure, Sue drank. Sue, that very week, went out drinking with Dareyl, and even left her kids alone til the wee hours to stay in Dareyl's trailer. Sue was certainly no example of good parenting, but Loon's lies PLACE LOON INSIDE 28, terrorizing 7-8 people, leaving only 3-4 alive.

Was Casey one of them?
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Re: ACCURATE Transcript of Bo's DOJ Interview, 14 Apr 81

Postby Billyalshef » Mon Nov 07, 2016 9:34 pm

Unbelievable, one simple call to sheriffs office of poi's (umm chuckle chuckle) said former employer would have been a simple way to check validity.Even Barney Fife would have the gumption to check on a poi who also admits to getting out of town on next thing smoking. Even after rehearsals and being lead along there were huge discrepancies in there stories. Just a cya formality for the doj. They never intended on investigating anyone in these interviews. Just my opinion from what I've read.
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Cook County Sheriff Frank Sain

Postby dmac » Mon Nov 07, 2016 10:46 pm

In the 'official transcript', when asked when Bo left the Chicago Sheriff's Office after 18 years of perfect service, he said 1958. Bo and Crimely were all about 19 in 58. "I was there when Chuck Fransine was there."

While doing my transcription, I could make out "Chuck" is actually 'Sheriff', so I transcribed it as 'Sheriff Franzine' . Tonight, I spent a couple hours trying to get a list of former sheriffs of Cook County. GOOD LUCK WITH THAT! Finally, I found a site that listed a few, their names scattered throughout several pages dedicated to corruption in Cook County.

'Franzine' is actually Frank Sain. Bo said he worked at the Cook Cty SO for 18 years, leaving in 1958 after his dick and balls were shot off in a fictional gun battle. In actuality, Sheriff Frank Sain didn't take over from Sheriff Joe Lohman (1954-58) until Dec 1, 1958. How did Bo work under anyone if his balls were already in a glass jar?

BO COULDN'T EVEN NAME THE RIGHT SHERIFF FOR HIS ELABORATE AND STUPID LIE! (Alvin was shot in early October '58) And, again, why was he offering up information, unprovoked, which only further proved what a shit liar he is? It's not like Crimely didn't already know Bo was telling tall tales, as they were all about 25 when Bo said he'd retired AFTER 18 YEARS.

Crimely were in Keddie to commit a crime of their own. They had no interest in the Truth.

Sain? Perhaps Bo couldn't resist paying homage to one of the best friends the Chicago Outfit ever had: Frank.

A quote about him:

    In 1960, the Chicago Crime Commission checked 207 addresses in Cook County where illegal gambling violations were observed. Its now famous and influential Executive Director, Virgil Peterson turned the addresses over to the good Sheriff Sain, expecting an all- out follow-up. A feeble response angered Peterson and the Crime Commission. Sheriff's Police officers conducted raids in only five of these places. "During the entire four-year term of Sheriff Frank G. Sain," Peterson wrote in 1962, "no effective action was taken by his office against wide-open syndicate gambling operations in either the suburban towns or in the unincorporated areas." State's Attorney Benjamin Adamowski remarked in police vernacular that Sheriff Sain "couldn't find an elephant in a phone booth."

    Frank Sain left the Cook County Police Department in total chaos and disarray. The incoming administration did not even know the location of some of the County squad cars which had simply been abandoned out on the highways and byways by the outgoing regime. Little to nothing of the meaningful departmental records could be found. It was as if the Office of Sheriff never existed from an administrative point of view upon the changing of the guard.
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Re: ACCURATE Transcript of Bo's DOJ Interview, 14 Apr 81

Postby leenie963 » Tue Nov 15, 2016 3:48 pm

I keep looking back at the Casey angle and what got me was neither Marty nor Bo had a single thing to say about Casey until the day after the murders. The only source is Marilyn, and we all know how trustworthy and honest she is (not).

So who is to say one way or another if Casey was or wasn't present in 28 after all? I read damn near every thread I could find on this issue. Is it pure speculation or does this have legs? Common sense says it does, but without fact to back it, it's conjecture. And I freakin' HATE that.

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Re: ACCURATE Transcript of Bo's DOJ Interview, 14 Apr 81

Postby dmac » Tue Nov 15, 2016 7:07 pm

It would be easy to explain away the surviving boys not mentioning Casey being there- if he was- just as they've remained silent about what they saw and know for the majority of the last 35 years.

Unless the killers took Casey home to 26 when they left around 4 AM, it is still more difficult to explain the silence of the Seabolts, as they would have removed him from the bedroom, too. Even if the killers did take Casey home at 4, it's harder still to explain away Sheila's silence, as she surely would have seen him when she returned home Sat night to retrieve bedclothes.

That's a tough hurdle for the conjecture to clear. Not impossible, but the biggest one I can come up with.
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Re: ACCURATE Transcript of Bo's DOJ Interview, 14 Apr 81

Postby nekogirrl » Tue Nov 15, 2016 8:15 pm

if casey was there that night, could he perhaps have been in the boys' bedroom? or the bathroom when sheila was there? i doubt she would have stayed very long...just a "hey, mom, came to get my stuff, we're doing blah blah next door, see you in the morning" kind of thing...
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Re: ACCURATE Transcript of Bo's DOJ Interview, 14 Apr 81

Postby dmac » Tue Nov 15, 2016 8:38 pm

It's possible, but astronomically unlikely. Recall that Sheila reported the boys were still up, and Sue said Johnny and Dana would be home later. Not much room for Casey to be missing from the company of the other boys. What a coincidence for him to be out of sight during the brief time she was home to retrieve clothes, toothbrush, whatever else?

Waaaaay too many coincidences in this case, so either believe in coincidence # 2,307,781,467, or consider it unlikely.
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Re: ACCURATE Transcript of Bo's DOJ Interview, 14 Apr 81

Postby leenie963 » Wed Nov 16, 2016 5:24 am

So unlikely and I still can't shake the idea. Scenario is Marilyn decides to go party with MB, takes Casey over to Sue to dump him there. Sue may have allowed Casey in for a few hours. They return, and she opens that door...

I know...too cheesy.

I'll get over myself until it's exhausted in my mind.

Edited to add: viewtopic.php?f=55&t=1315

She gave Justin to her Aunt as she said she couldn't handle him. He lived with her for about a year, then Marilyn took him back. Next she gave him to her Grandmother for another year then just showed up in the middle of the night and took him back again. Next she gave him to another Aunt and Uncle for almost 2 years she even agreed to let them adopt him until it came down to it and then once again she took him back. Justin finally went to live with his Dad and step Mom until his Dad passed away.

I knew I read somewhere she showed up in the middle of the night to pick up why not Casey? Or rather, did she knock on that door for the very purpose of setting Sue up under the guise of picking up Justin? It's about the only consistent statement Marilyn has made over the years.

Freakin' rabbit holes I so willingly jump in...
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Re: ACCURATE Transcript of Bo's DOJ Interview, 14 Apr 81

Postby justice17 » Mon Oct 23, 2017 12:34 pm

Bo states that he is a very light sleeper...
Bo- Huh-uh. Uhhh... [loudly clears throat] This is what was so surprising to me because, uh, I'm a very light sleeper and, uh... um,... if there's an unusual noise... something like that.

But Marde had already contradicted this by Mentioning Bo's medications and the fact that He would completely knock out after taking them.

:!: Also note that Bo mentions that he DID know Marde BEFORE he married Marilyn.

BoBoubede: Uh, yes. Uh, well, see, I had known Marty, uh, prior to his marrying uh, Marilyn. Uh, and, uh, I had Marty interested in putting out a map for Keddie [4 second pause] and, uh, for Quincy and East Quincy. And , uh, we went to the, umm, Chamber of Commerce and, uh, they set up for us to meet them on the 28th of this month, uh, to present our map and, uh, our presentation. And then, uh, this thing came up in Klamath Falls and I said, "well, fine, we'll take that, if you like." And then, uh, with Marilyn becoming so upset and, uh, Justin becoming so upset. We supposed, if she don't mind, uh, if you'd go down, and, uh, I'll be down, uh, Monday morning.
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Re: ACCURATE Transcript of Bo's DOJ Interview, 14 Apr 81

Postby justice17 » Mon Oct 23, 2017 1:04 pm

I DO believe that Marde (main),and Bo (secondary),were involved directly with The Sharp/Wingate murderers. :oops:

I am glad that neither of them got to live for very long after the homicides. I would like to think that Karma took them out. :arrow:
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Re: ACCURATE Transcript of Bo's DOJ Interview, 14 Apr 81

Postby budrfligh » Mon Oct 23, 2017 4:42 pm

Nice catch Justice!
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Re: ACCURATE Transcript of Bo's DOJ Interview, 14 Apr 81

Postby dmac » Tue Oct 24, 2017 4:33 pm

If you read both accurate transcripts, back to back, what's stunning are the huge lies are noted but ignored. When it came to Bo, interviewed just prior to Marty, his pregnant pauses caused me cervical cancer. I had two stillborn babies waiting for that dumb fuck to finish a single sentence!

Which is why I began noting the exact length of pauses. I knew from the initial and fraudulent transcript that the words on file did not match the length of time it took on tape. Once I had both tapes and heard them, Marty offered up insane bullshit that convicted him, an he did it effortlessly.

Re-read my transcript with Bo and count out all the awkward pauses that are the heart of his testimony. Get a stopwatch and count out the pregnant pauses, second by second. What a cuntfest.

Loon and Marty are rash liars, they lie off the cuff and without any pauses to think. They can't think. Bo took up an hour in pauses to formulate lies stating he was in the Air Force before it existed, in the Army Air Corps aged negative five, and retired from Chicago PD after a dick-deleting bullet ended his 15-year career as a detective or beat cop, depending on which paragraph holds purchase.

Bo took an hour's worth of pauses to come up with far worse lies than Loon or Marde. Bo, the EXPERIENCED HIT MAN AND CHICAGO HEAVY, is exactly as stupid as many a Scorcese film paints very real mob heavies. And, pardon my Don Pardo, but Scorcese is from Brooklyn yet he unmasked the Chicago and Vegas routines like the marked deck of cards only Clark County sheriff Lamb was given.

Vegas was run far better by the mob than nobheads in government. Up until Tony the Ant fucked up the rigged game, the mob made Vegas a family-friendlier place than it's been since, say, 1981. Naw, 78.

Bo took time to make up his lies. His remarks and Marty's show two dipshits making up blatant shit way the FUCK outside of the Loonibi. Why? They wanted to offer info and seem both cordial and helpful. Read them, they fucked the Loonibi as quickly and clearly as when they stated their names. For 'the record'. They told new lies outside of the agrred-upon Loonibi, which is also why Marty impossibly utters, "Oh, Bo, sorry about your drugs. I put them up".

Marty said he routinely intoxicated Bo by dosing him, and that Bo was dead to the world til morning. Marty said Loon was asleep when they got back from the bar. Loon said she was asleep. Bo said was, just like him, wide the fuck awake.

Again, everything these fucks put down is usually a massive lie. And putting the lies in a pattern only add to the few truths they've told.

I can get really ugly about how the Loonibi is contradicted by each of the involved, including Dee Lake, but the Loonibi is a rehearsed and staged alibi, while each talking to cops fell to pieces of shit as much as their corrupt pigs did.

Before finding victory in one more tiny lie in Bo's 'interview', mark every motherfucking time he paused for 5, 10, 30 seconds. That alone makes Bo incredible. It makes Crim, Bradley, PCSO, Marty, Loon, Justin, Bo.... 'in-credible', impossible to credulate. It was the smelliest fart ever passed in American Valley.

Compare the original PSCO transcripts to my own hearing of those words from original tapes, and you're blindsided by the deception and case-fucking that shines.
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Re: ACCURATE Transcript of Bo's DOJ Interview, 14 Apr 81

Postby budrfligh » Wed Oct 25, 2017 11:52 am

Dmac tell falling apart of a joine albi is what's look for. It is why they interview user's separately. That these discrepancies were ignored and forgotten is so very telling. There was nothing so clearly cementing my belief of this cover up than these transcripts. Well the therapist report on the confession really sealed it up too.
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Re: ACCURATE Transcript of Bo's DOJ Interview, 14 Apr 81

Postby justice17 » Wed Oct 25, 2017 12:51 pm

From Mardes statements:
When they got back home, Marilyn was asleep. Marty went to bed around 10 min. after 2, after he gave Bo 2 phenobarbitols and a dilantin, 2 phenobarbitols and 2 dilantins to go to bed on. Every night he has to take that, and once Bo is out, he’s out. The medicine was put up because of the kids. Marty woke up again around 3 a.m. to stoke the fire. He always wakes up then to do it. He opened the door, went outside, and got a piece of wood. He didn’t notice anything.

Why was Marde attempting to give Bo a semi-alibi?

Why disclose this non-relevant information in the first place?

Marde wasn't being questioned about Bo's sleeping habits. It wasn't rehearsed because Bo didn't stick with the script.
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