MK old notebook archives from 2009

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MK old notebook archives from 2009

Postby meankitty » Tue Nov 07, 2017 12:22 pm

MK old archives found in notebook from 2009.
I found a notebook I used 8 years ago to write down notes about this case, and I found some stuff I wrote down about some of Josh’s deleted scenes I found on Youtube. They are gone now, and unfortunately, I didn’t transcribe them all word for word. Still, this is what I have, typed as is from the book. I wish I was more detailed and some of the notes are very telling

Sketches—under hyp told resemble some suspects.
#2 LaRonda—2 boards ripped up not all.
#3 Bizzare interview (check forums)
Posted Aug. 13, 2008
#6 Justin—pleasant brief conversation Marty—asked how he was doing and gave Justin $5. 2 days after PCSO asked M for J shoes at her cabin. –j didn’t seem to know if he had blood on then (shoes)
July 10, 2008
#8 Mike Gamberg blood evidence not tested until recently
#9 Justin passed polygraph—saw something. Doug Thomas didn’t believe J involved, no evidence no blood on him.
#10 Marilyn did [1998] the painting J adored painting and wanted it for years. Went to k
1991 Keddie M. May they rest in peace in remembrance of Sue Sharp and her family and Johnny’s friend Dana. This came from the outbuilding at Sue’s home.
#17 Bloody hammer found Doug Thomas interview
#18 Bottle collector—looked like someone set skull there. Buried clothes—little girl clothes.

On #10 there is plenty of other stuff Marilyn said about the painting. I believe she sent her hubby to get the window frame, and cabin 28 did not have an outbuilding. In fact, I don’t remember any other outbuildings from the aerial photos except those by cabin 26.
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