BOMBSHELL: Marty's and Loon's Motives Finally Found

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Re: BOMBSHELL: Marty's and Loon's Motives Finally Found

Postby dmac » Thu Nov 09, 2017 9:46 pm

This was at least a love triangle, or fuck triangle. Cheating is rarely love, more temporary infatuation. "Oldest Reason in Time"? No, this is a premed by multiple perps against one target and they simply didn't give one fuck about collateral damage, other than Justin?

The perps and Vx involved prove 28 is unlike every other 'love triangle'. Multiple killers, one target yet 3 others dead? 3 more left alive, including the son of killers?! Jeez, this ain't one love triangle I've ever heard of.

Days and weeks of Marty and Loon prior to 4/11 line up with LE timelines: volatile shit, Marde's animosity towards Loon's kids and Loon. Multiple ugly events, basically kicked out of "Aunt's" house in favor of the aunt co-signing the loan for the red Pinto hatchback. Aunt wanted all of them gone. And she got fucked because they stopped making payments on the red Pinto wagon found on blocks in front of 26 on 4/12.

Marty got a job at the Keddie Hotel diner, one floor up from the Back Door Bar. #26 was partial payment for his cook duties. This was around 8/80. That's when he and Loon and her kids moved from Burney to Keddie.

Sue and kids moved to 28 3 months later, although Marty and Loon and Meeks knew Sue and family well beforehand. Via interpersonal friendships, including Richard Meeks already fucking Sheila.

Sheriff Thomas told us he was great friends with Marty, used to drive around 'on patrol' with Thomas and Shanks up front and Marty in the back.

Thomas lived in 28 just before the Sharps. Thomas was fucking Jan Albin, and anyone else with semi-vacant holes.

Marty did a voluntary-psych at the Reno VA in mid-March 81, indicating he was out of work and available to leave Keddie: Jan had already fired him. As per Dee Lake, he checked into the psyche ward for the sole reason of getting PTSD money. PTSD was brand-new at the VA, and Dee told him how to get it. He fucking failed:

"You were in one of the safest places in South VietNam, right?" "Yeah". "Did you even hear bombs drop nearby?" "No". "So how can you claim PTSD?" Marty laughed and went onto the next topic, Marilyn.

BS-BUSTER, read up because I just wasted ten minutes explaining for you the very fucking obvious. Don't waste my time again. This site is filled with info, and if a perfunctory search doesn't find your answer, you've still wasted all my time you ever shall. Resign.

Budrfligh - My dad was a lifelong philanderer, and many times he said he would leave my mom for 'her'. Far more times than I know. We'd get the hang-up calls, often leading to a showdown in the living room. The whore would knock on the door, mom would invite her in, and we'd be told to go to our rooms. Insane shit, mom using us as terrorized props in a useless marriage of psychos.

Plenty of times one woman went in and killed the estranged wife, or the hubby set it up. No, this case is exponentially more bizarre and unfamiliar.

It was a substantiated pattern I see as an adult yet never recognized as a kid. Their repetitive, drunken, moronic 3AM fights and dad's whoring just scared the fuck out of me. And my example isn't a "love triangle" by cliche or definition.

What happened in Keddie is far more complicated and intense. The Marty-Loon thing is big. The Marty-Sue thing is huge. The Loon-fucking-anything is much bigger, leading to Marty threatening Loon's lovers (including Wade while both locked up).

The LOON RECOGNIZING MARTY WAS FUCKING SUE was 98.9% of why those two cunts went into 28.

I have little doubt Sue was getting cash for a bit of ash, which complicates everything. Sue spent her nights just before the murders screwing yet another piece of shit, Dareyl. Upon her death, he was worried his gun was missing from his trailer, not that his "illfriend" was dead. I suppose he thought nothing of her, after $15 and a couple cigarettes and a pack of B&H.

It was trailer guys that set Dareyl up with Sue. LE knew disparate stories of how Dareyl was bedding Sue into the early mornings prior to 4/11, and didn't all those stories come from RR guys?

When asked "Where's Sue?" at a bar, Dareyl said, "Haven't you read the papers? She was murdered" That sounds less like a boyfriend talking of Sue than a john talking about a prostitute. It also explains why so many had so many low-key stories as to how they participated in hooking Sue up with Dareyl.

It sickens me.

My bet is Sue was fucking for cash, hence Marty being so peculiar about his obsession.

There is no logical reason for Tony Gardenias to falsely deny a relationship with Sue unless he

So much shit needs re-evaluation with new perspectives based on recent revelations.

Not only did Marty and Bo plan to pull scams, I have the info showing they "joined the circus'', as Marty said to his therapist, and used many old carny scams to skim money from fake ticket sales to actually travel with a working machine from NW US right into the Dallas area when Bo's family says Bo and Marty showed up, uninvited.

There's a shitload of layers and lies about this case. Recognizing the conceits, defeats, lies and liars? Hell, the killers tell you they did it.

Living killers who openly state they did it, due to their stupidity?


And a couple names I'm currently hiding.

Not counting LE scum who need to be prosecuted and decapitated:


And many others...

FUCK JUSTIN, I'll get him prosecuted.
FUCK MURDERING MARILYN, she's already dead in my sites. CUNT.

Loon would have been better off killing Justin. He talks too much, even if you don't count the other talking fucks directly involved in need of a noose. Such as Justin's mom, Loon.
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Re: BOMBSHELL: Marty's and Loon's Motives Finally Found

Postby justice17 » Thu Nov 09, 2017 10:44 pm

A Sue & Marde affair was briefly mentioned in this anonymous report:

A report to a high school counselor: Marty is the Killer
Postby jhancock » Wed Nov 24, 2010 5:25 pm

In this letter to a counselor at Quincy High School, an anonymous student identifies the confessor as the perpetrator of the Keddie Murders. The letter does not have a date on it. It is handwritten on notebook paper, and only the names have been abbreviated:

Dear Miss R.,

I was told who did it (murders in Keddie). And said he was having family problems, and the creditors where [sic] after him. They also said they hipmintized [sic] this boy and he say everything. He said it was [POI]. They said he was having affair with Mrs. Sharp. Mr. [POI] likes to see people being killed and also like to kill dogs and cats.

by Anonymity

PS. They said that he is in Oregon.
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Re: BOMBSHELL: Marty's and Loon's Motives Finally Found

Postby dmac » Fri Nov 10, 2017 11:04 pm

I remember that letter well, but forgot the bit about cash-flow problems. How long ago did I first say rent was part of the pay for the job he'd been fired from, and that eviction was looming? I remember also Loon telling PCSO they could search 26, that rent was paid through the month.

Nonetheless, a brilliant catch, both timely and worthy of your bumping it.
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