810413 Hospital Knife Wounds Request

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810413 Hospital Knife Wounds Request

Postby dmac » Sun Nov 19, 2017 7:59 pm

810413. Issued by Sly at 113 am. So, mere hours after Loon assured him Marty and Bo were not only capable, but she believed they were responsible, he's issuing a request to surrounding regions for any knife wounds recently treated. Note how the killer / wound victim is either male or female. Hours later, Crimely interviewed Marty and Bo and ABSOLUTELY NO INDICATION THEY WERE CHECKED FOR ANY SUCH WOUNDS. Same goes for Loon, but I bet dollars to donuts Sly already figured out Loon was not just a participant but the key.

Note the jurisdictions chosen to inform: Reno PD. Lassen, Butte, and Sierra counties. Why not Plumas? That was probably already done with a couple phone calls or a separate release. But why are so many other surrounding and populated counties and municipalities missing? No Sac County? Yuba? Tehoma? Sierra? Shasta? Nevada, Sutter, Placer, El Dorado?! Hell, given that everyone who ever lived in Plumas was apparently made to also reside in Klamath Falls at one time, why not there?!If I had just committed a quad and the wound was manageable, I would have gotten as far from Keddie as possible before seeking help. And I would have put a needle to flame and done the work myself, if possible.

Why ask only Butte to check the "Hobo Camp"? Shit, hobo camps were all over the place, not just the one supposedly downstream from Keddie and wherever he's referring to in Butte. Particularly in warmer months, 'camps' existed almost anywhere on the tracks trains were known to slow sufficiently, wait, or do a change up.

See how, by 1:30 Monday morning, they'd supposedly determined she was wearing a blue shirt and jeans? No mention of the GASS shoes, much less that red jacket. But they were confident enough to broadcast this across a huge chunk of Nor Cal?! But in the first KNOWN missing persons report on Tina, filled out on 8.19.81 (more than four months after the murders), she's described as wearing those brown GASS shoes, the red jacket, and possibly wearing blue jeans, top unknown. It also mentions her watch, which she probably wore to bed.

Note also how all are to respond to DON STOY, not the supposed author.

I do trust Marty and pally Sly did a lot of talking, but none of it was the 'counseling' Sly has claimed. Just as SDT claims he gave BOTH Marty and Loon his wondrous counseling, Sly was not only unqualified for much of the things he claimed responsibility for, as with prosecuting the killers he had utterly no interest in helping their marriage. What they DID talk about was similar to the Trump tape: GRABBING PUSSY. Of course, they talked business, too: drugs.

I think anyone who believes Sly wasn't aware Marty was fucking Sue is missing enough of the tells in this case to be deemed legally blind.

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Re: 810413 Hospital Knife Wounds Request

Postby leenie963 » Mon Nov 20, 2017 5:38 am

This is another example of LE blatant involvement and cover up. Bastids every last one of them. I can't get poor Tina out of my head, let alone the other victims and here this piece of shit is covering up for what? Drug running and making the almighty dollar. That fuck should be strung up and I'm eagerly waiting for that moment this case breaks...and if I'm eager your hair must be growing an inch an hour.
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