CONFIRMED: Who Gave J/D the Ride to Keddie

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Re: CONFIRMED: Who Gave J/D the Ride to Keddie

Postby Indyfan » Fri Dec 08, 2017 3:56 am

bullshit-buster wrote:trying to read up here as much as possible dmac I hate irritating you by posting. But I neeeeeed to get 15 under my belt so I can see all the stuff you guys are talking about!
so please ignore rather than be annoyed. I don't take it personally. I know its frustrating but people ask because they care.
that's why we here :-)
if not worthy its fine lol

so at the end of the day we know who why what when.
the biggest mystery left is why we they not prosecuted?????
It is hard to fathom how cops could coldy allow innocent kids to be murdered and go unpunished?
we are talking about two carnies for god sake.liars cheats nobodies.

I just can't see how a pair of thugs like bo and marty could have any power over law inforcement.
even if the local cops were involved in something under the table. says who??? marty and bo????

why let this go. should have been a piece of piss :roll:

Not to answer for dmac but take a look at this thread

It is pretty clear of what Crim and Bradley's CA DOJ corrupt intentions were. As for DT he was buddies with Marde. It is completely disgusting the corruption that was going on during this investigation from all angles!

Sorry dmac just wanted to direct this poster to that specific thread as I am currently reading it too.
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Re: CONFIRMED: Who Gave J/D the Ride to Keddie

Postby bullshit-buster » Fri Dec 08, 2017 2:18 pm

thank you indy fan for reply but that's not my point.
I have read extensively here the what could have been going on stuff .
at the end of the day bo was a nobody carny.
he couldn't rub two dimes together.
marty same boat.
no matter what shady shit was going on around town it should have been easy to lock this pair up throw away the key murder mystery solved...aren't we heros?
shouldn't have mattered what dibby dobbing either of them did still small time nobodies.

seems like such a travesty if it all comes down to the useless small time bit cops covered this all up so stupidly for side issues that were irrelevant to the case.

could have and should have put them away crime solved and nobody any the wiser about police corruption. :-O
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Re: CONFIRMED: Who Gave J/D the Ride to Keddie

Postby dmac » Fri Dec 08, 2017 10:50 pm

BB, your post indicates you're the one probably missing the point. You can't get there from here without looking at the coverup.

Bo, like most mob scum, couldn't keep his dick out of the blender. Always looking for MORE, a bigger pizza da pie, they end up doing very stupid shit for more money. A lot of made guys get whacked for bending the rules, and a lot of peons get whacked for far fewer infractions. I believe what I was told in 2010 by a relative of Bo's, the first to contact me. Anonymously, but the info has proved spot on. He was the first to say Bo did nothing unless there was something in it for him. He also said he was digging holes in the desert in Vegas, was doing pretty good for himself, but got kicked out of Clark County for being too obvious, and for making his connections with fake/corrupt cops too obvious. Pulling the old ticket scams supposedly benefiting real or fake benevolent societies was a huge moneymaker, and it got him the Sheriff Lamb County Line treatment.

Hell, I found myself working for one of the same exact scams in 1982. Phone sales, about 20 of us on the phones 8 hours a day for a week, we got one paycheck for the first couple days work, and we were fucked out of the rest. Skipped town, no show either for all those fake tickets. This scam was to benefit firemen. Right, exactly the kind of shit Bo was doing. Think of the money they were pulling in.

Bo's ability to make money rested on his ability to keep his shit together, which he couldn't. He was an idiot and at least an alcoholic. He used his family as unwitting mules, sending packages of drugs through them. He'd show up on a doorstep, and a "friendly visit from Uncle Bo" would become a few weeks on the couch, using their phone to pull scams, until someone gave him the boot. As a result, his value to the mob flowed and ebbed. I'd say tha by age 51, as he was on April 11, his best days were behind him. But he still knew the three-piece routine.

Ask yourself what he was doing in Keddie. I still believe four dead in 28 fucked whatever plans he had that put him on Marty's and Loon's couch. And never believe Marty and Bo first met, by accident, at the VA in Reno ten days before the murders. Disproved years ago. And because we KNOW they knew each other from before Keddie, we can only guess as to what their plans were. For weeks, Marty knew his world was imploding. No job, about to be evicted, he's fucking Sue, Loon's fucking Wade, Loon wants out, he's going apeshit. Dee Lake sets up the check-in at the VA, gives Marty some shit advice for how to claim newly-named PTSD benefits. But Bo is already in Reno, having got the boot from Clark County (Vegas). We can only guess what they had planned. Marty couldn't shit in his backyard if he had any intention of staying in Plumas. In other words. he and Bo planned on one of three things I can approach:

► something quite different locally- a scam or score that had nothing to do with sales scams
► the usual sales scams, but committed in other counties under different names
► hit and run: scam anything in sight and hit the road. Whether he wanted or believed Loon and rugrats would follow is probably something he was delusional about.

We don't know how well they knew each other, Keep in mind, Loon was with Marty for three years by now, so to believe she didn't know him yet is probably a sign you may be delusional! LOL. Seriously, we can logically only say they knew each other, had something planned, and 28 fucked the game plan. IF the Quincy Business Map has one bit of truth to it, it tells me Marty had already committed to fucking Plumas and hitting the road. He'd committed to Bo over whatever he thought Loon would do.

What part of reason/motive behind a coverup do you not understand?

Pigs don't expend this much effort to fuck justice unless there is some serious ass-covering going on. To prosecute Marty, Loon, Bo, et al, would apparently expose some highly embarrassing, and incredibly illegal, activities by those protected by a highly illegal perversion of justice. One doesn't go out, as LE, and commit a criminal coverup unless trying to keep the huge dick of Justice out of their own ass.
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Re: CONFIRMED: Who Gave J/D the Ride to Keddie

Postby Magnum PI » Sat Dec 09, 2017 1:31 am

Unbelievable!! All these years of trying to figure out who actually gave J/D the ride that night. I've been out of the loop far to long, time to get back to reading!! Great work as always Dmac.
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Re: CONFIRMED: Who Gave J/D the Ride to Keddie

Postby Ausgirl » Sat Jan 06, 2018 7:26 am

Once again, the murderers were handed to LE on a platter and, rather than follow up, LE buried it. Mike's recent contact was apparently both a surprise [b]and the first time LE has spoken to the witness about the Sue/Marty fling since the report was filed in 81.[/b]

...incredible. Well, not really. More like gobsmackingly, absolutely credible.

No wonder they wanted Mike nowhere near this case. I hope enough is dug up to put Doug Thomas behind bars, where he fucking belongs.
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Re: CONFIRMED: Who Gave J/D the Ride to Keddie

Postby dmac » Wed Mar 14, 2018 1:51 am

If, in future, anyone needs to know the line of dialogue between Mike and myself which led to "who drove them home" and MOTIVE, remind me of "you definitely have a way with words". That phrase leads directly to the rest, back when Mike and I were holding Karl Spang over that fart fire.

It makes no sense, unless you read where the emails lead.
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