The Keddie Murders Wikipedia page (and Craig)

facts surrounding the Keddie Murders, for beginners and up

The Keddie Murders Wikipedia page (and Craig)

Postby jhancock » Tue Sep 08, 2009 9:54 pm

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Postby TinyDancer » Thu Sep 10, 2009 7:45 am


I'm not sure if you should post this article under a topic named, "Just the facts."

This article states that Craig Walters gave the boys a ride home that night. Isn't that information highly disputed? There are many people that deny Craig was the ride home for the boys that night.
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Postby jhancock » Thu Sep 10, 2009 8:19 am

Good point, Tiny. I have never noticed that before.

What's interesting about that is that Craig once told me that he was the one responsible for originally putting on "The Strangers" wikipedia page that there was a connection between that movie and the Keddie Murders.

I'll ammend the post later today. :)
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Postby not sure » Thu Sep 10, 2009 8:57 pm

That's interesting that you mention that about the Strangers, Josh. I recall the first I ever heard of The Strangers was when Craig posted he'd found a website that mentioned the movie was in production and that it was based on Keddie. Unfortunately I can't find that post anymore. I think it may be one he later deleted. But I vividly recall him posting it. Then several months later we started hearing about the movie coming out.
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Postby Muzix_38 » Mon Jun 28, 2010 11:25 pm

Hi Guys (and Gals)-
As I've said in a couple other threads, I am new to this forum. I've been trying to read through all the posts (a very time consuming task) just to get up to speed on what is being discussed and what has already been discussed and asked. I read this Wikipedia Article, and found that like many other articles I've read it had inconsistencies. Now I don't know who this "Craig" person is but I've heard him mentioned on this and other forum boards. Nothing I've read had been very positive. I think if I ever encounter him I'd have to take what he says with a grain of salt. Speaking of other boards, has the Cabin28 board been removed I can't seem to find it anywhere

Postby gentlebreeze » Tue Jun 29, 2010 4:54 am

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Postby mutt43 » Tue Jun 29, 2010 12:26 pm

I do not have anything to do with wikipedia

I did do the strangers one to boost interest in the case but only
that and it was something i read on three different sites that the
director said it was loosely based on the Manson murders and Keddie.

I never meant to cause a problem or to make a big thing out of it
and I did admit I did that to boost the case interests and I never lied
about anything I have ever done.

Certain people from day one have tried to shut me off or make it look
like I was lying about things or saying half truths and they have found out
that everything I have said is about right and the truth. I have yet to
be proven wrong about anything I have said or proven wrong.

Postby dmac » Tue Jun 29, 2010 2:38 pm

Let's clarify something here: Craig hasn't been accused of anything, so we don't have to prove his culpability. However, he continuously inserts himself into events surrounding this crime without a whit of evidence to support his outlandish claims.

It is up to Craig alone to prove his involvement, and he has failed to do so. Miserably.
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Postby mutt43 » Wed Jun 30, 2010 11:14 am

ok as that is both wrong and very abusive
Joshua please remove that post as it is very annoying
and I am trying to be nice here but if Dmac keeps calling
me a liar and other things.....well I wont be!

no name calling or accusing should be allowed on here

Postby Underbelly » Wed Jun 30, 2010 11:29 am

What Dmac has said echos what many, if not most, believe. It only seems wrong and abusive to you. Just yesterday you actually were wrong and abusive in another area of the forum when someone mentioned the Bohemian Society. The title of the category we're in is "just the facts." That's what dmac has done closely to what he has name calling or accusations in there anyway, in fact he states "we don't have to prove his culpability," he is practically defending you. I wonder if you ever have had to prove your culpability regarding this case with anyone.

Postby mutt43 » Wed Jun 30, 2010 3:20 pm

DONT HAVE TO...........


Sorry by I do not have to prove anything more in here since others have
come on and said those things happen and what Craig has said was what
happened or very close to what happened.

I have given so many hints at things and Valley has picked up on a few
of them and asked how a FRC student knows so much about things when
he was suppose be a loner (some thread he said that awhile back).

Dmac is a distraction to me and others and has continued to be that for
now years on the forum also. I am sorry Gentle left but that
was an uncalled for thread and the person knows damn well who my father is
and is a member of that club...this is again a type of smoke and mirrors that
I do not like at all....

Here is something to think about..if the BC was even thought to be involved...
how would they know about Tina in a small place like Keddie some 4 1/2 hours
away and know how to grab her and kill those people so they can get Tina. You
know how far far sketch that is and it sounds almost .. TOO STUPID TO BELIEVE.

I was not at all abusive to Gentle or Dmac, as Dmac has been a real problem
for awhile and I just treat him the way he treats others but in a kinder way by
saying he is STUPID, an IDIOT and a LIAR...better than the stuff over the years
that he has said to me!

Postby coffee is love » Wed Jun 30, 2010 9:42 pm

im sorry but i think dmac has been very useful here as well as productive. craig who wrote your last post?
coffee is love
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Postby mutt43 » Fri Jul 02, 2010 11:43 am

I did..I wrote it

by the way dmac

it is not hearsay when several people say the same thing and
almost the same thing too but I am not saying they are facts either
as they can not be proven with real facts because they happen so long
ago and are hard to prove with real facts..just what many people remember
what happened.

So there you go!

Re: The Keddie Murders Wikipedia page

Postby dmac » Fri Mar 04, 2011 7:07 am

I didn't know where else to post this, but I thought it would provide a laugh as well as insight into what kind of character this liar, Craig, is. We know about his lies concerning being beaten nearly to death the night of the murders, which he then said happened months later so he could instead claim he gave the boys the ride to Keddie that night. We know how he's described that ride, and what the boys said and had with them, several ways that don't remotely match each other. We know about his carnivore porn under his Mutt43 account on DeviantART, where he uses the names of victims in the Cabin 28 murders. We know that his ALL-CAPS MISSPELLINONG SHIOOT is pure bullshit meant to irritate, garner pity, and make him come off as mentally deficient (if not outright stupid). We know those involved in the case have all said Craig is a liar who overstates his involvement in their lives and in the case itself.

We know Craig is a sick loser who loves to inject himself into the case, and to make every thread about HIM instead of the crime. wrote:There is no point for Craig to lie and he had stated things that had happen at the time in Quincy and Keddie which includes details about the Keddie Driveway and gravel area kiddie corner of the Keddie driveway, where his apartment was at Feather River Apartments and how he became friends with JOHN SHARP and DANA WINGATE. Some have said he inserted himself into the murders and again he has no reason to do this, as by the way he talks, he comes from an very rich and prominent family. There is no need for him to insert himself and bring disrespect, dishonor and bring such attention to himself and his family. —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 23:06, 28 January 2011 (UTC) ... bout_Craig

That's from the wikipedia discussion page for the Keddie Murders article. The IP is Craig's very own. So here is Craig telling the world that Craig has no reason to inject Craig into the article, or the crime, or the lives of those actually involved. After all, as Craig puts it, Craig comes from a wealthy, prominent family and such actions are beneath a person of Craig's social pedigree. Craig is defending Craig and acting as though Craig is someone other than Craig while Craig does it. Look at all the edits to the article where Craig inserted Craig into the article: they all come from Craig's same IP in Danville, CA, where Craig lives. And, all the while Craig does so without the ALL-CAPS MISSPELLING RAMBLING STUPID SHIOOT CRAIG USES ON THESE BOARDS.
Craig not only inserts himself into the case on the wiki page dozens of times (only to be deleted by other wiki watchers), but Craig defends Craig on the same page with the same IP address, all the while professing that none of the posts are from Craig.

What a tosser. That's exactly the kind of fraud Craig is, and to buy into any of Craig's wisdom is the equivalent of giving pervo Craig a reach-around.
Craig is perhaps the lowest of the scum ever to be involved in these forums.

PS- sorry if any of you believe this post involves name-calling. In actual fact, if you know enough about Craig, how I've described him is an understatement and would be considered quite kind.
"Back off, man. I'm a scientist."
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Re: The Keddie Murders Wikipedia page

Postby coffee is love » Fri Mar 04, 2011 10:27 am

ive always wondered why he wrote on the boards so differently than any other board or forum. his grammer is actually quite good. and doesnt normally place "an" in the wrong places which was one of his annoying "trademarks" on these boards. i asked him once why this was. he had emailed me and the spelling and punctuation was damn near perfect. when confronted he replied with the obnoxious craig response. it was always a scam. i think he liked being annoying and got a joyride out of being disruptive, arrogant, and acting like an attention whore. he enjoyed getting people riled up over his constant repeat posts. thats why he injected himself and stuck around so long.
coffee is love
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Re: The Keddie Murders Wikipedia page (and Craig)

Postby dmac » Thu Sep 06, 2012 11:02 am

I hadn't checked the discussion section for the Keddie Murders wiki page in some time, but evidently Craig blew a gasket or five some months ago and deleted what he'd written before (which I quoted above), replacing it with:

Craig speaks out!

There is no point for myself to lie and I have stated things that had happen at the time in Quincy and Keddie which includes details about the Keddie Driveway and gravel area kiddie corner of the Keddie driveway,where my apartment was at Feather River Apartments and how I became friends with JOHN SHARP and DANA WINGATE,and went to FEATHER RIVER COLLEGE with SUE SHARP. Some have said I inserted himself into the murders and again,I have no reason to do this,as you know where I come from, an very rich and prominent family. There is no need for myself to insert myself and bring disrespect, dishonor and bring such attention to myself and my family.I, no longer want anything to do with the case and have enough with the ridicule and grief,due to two of my friends being murdered,which has been even made worse by his accusers that I am a liar and an attention getter.

So you know DMAC,Deviantart is not PORN and it is Vore which is a lot different than that,as you are twisted and twisting words around like you have always done and I have written 7 complete books and 21 short stories..all published online. Maybe your jealous I am a published author now and that I want nothing to do with this SHAM in even solving these murders and it has become that a long time ago.DMAC grow up,and stop saying things you know nothing of and a lot of you were NOT up there at the time,so you do not even know what was going on and you talk all this about knowing things and you do not..I do check Josh's board quite often and see the ridiculous stuff being put up on there and information and no wonder the case and these murders will never be solved,take it from someone who was there and knew everyone involved up there at the time.

Kitty..thanks for the comments and yeah some do not know the truth and spread and say things that only is the farthest from the truth and this is why I am staying away from this and also because Valley was murdered and that is something you all do not know about..he was poisoned and sure he had a heart condition,but the poisoning several times made it worse and the last poisoning killed him.There are people out there trying to hide the truth and the KILLERS are still out there is reason to not come forward with all I I never hid I know information and I have said why I hide it.

FRC STUDENT 1980-1982

So he edits his original post where he denied inserting himself into the case and/or the wiki page, and in doing so unmasks himself as the author of all the changes to the page where he inserted himself? This guy gives pedophiles a bad name.

He also wrote an article about himself- he tried several times to make an entire wiki page on himself, but his page and his accounts were deleted as bogus. Now, with the same IP, he puts his article on his "user" page, which is a page each user/editor/member has to discuss topics of interest. For Craig, it's obvious his only topic is CRAIG MUTT WALTERS, FIRST EARL OF DOUCHE:

Craig (Mutt) Walters was born on March 22, 1961 in Oakland,Ca.

He is of the long line of Scottish Lords of Aberdeen, Scotland on his dad's side til his family was kicked out of Scotland, and his family land and castle was taken and burnt to the ground by the English during the Jacobite wars of the 18th century.His Scottish side of the family then went to the South of the New World in Georgia and South Carolina and started the Liberty Hall Plantation in Americus, Georgia which is well known during the Revolutionary War and Civil War.

This plantation stayed in his family til 1996 and for some 200 years. It was once one of the bigger and well known historical site and plantations of Georgia and was sold after the last remaining relative that had ties to the old plantation had died in 1995.The plantation remains in Americus, Georgia but the land has been split in many pieces and sold and the old plantation itself is owned by different owners seperate from the many pieces of land owned by many.

Craig (Mutt) Walters other side of the family are Dutch and American Indian(Comanche) descendants, the Dutch that came over in ships from Europe in the 17th century.They settles in Pennsylvania and soon moved to Kentucky and then to Texas. The Coles became one of famous people and outlaws that shaped the west as we know it. The Coles while in Kentucky started the Cole Inn Manor started by Richard Cole Sr and later owned by his son Richard Cole Jr. It would soon become famous in both the Revolutionary war and later in the Civil war but not before it became dubious in reputation.

Richard Cole Sr was born on April 23rd, 1729 in Pennsylvania and his wife Anne Hubbard-Cole was born in 1730 and they were both early pioneers in what is known as Woodford County, Kentucky. Richard Cole Sr was a Revolutionary war soldier and he located a farm situated on the Leestown Pike(US 421 now) and later called Cole's Road because of the Cole Inn Manor. The large building he built, housed both his family and was also used as a tavern to accommodate the traveling public. The town known for many years where the tavern stood was called Sodom located on Elkhorn Creek, had a flour and grist mill, as well as cotton and hemp factories, a tannery, shoe shop, carding machine and a storehouse.

The manufacturing town of Sodom has since passed into the annals of history and this town was later called Fishers Mill and the remains of the old buildings could be be found by turning North off Leestown pike in fron of the Wait's Place. Cole's Manor Inn became dubious in Richard Cole Sr reputation as being rude, rough and vulgar and his badness at the table. He was known to say what he meant and if anyone argued with his views and pioints met a disturbing end or end to their stay at the Cole Manor Inn. The Cole Manor Inn burnt down on April 12th, 1956 as it was some 90 years old when it burnt to the ground and all that was left was the cookhouse and springhouse which was both used for cooking and built over a strean called Cole's Branch.

Richard Cole jr who took over the Cole Inn manor had a son named Joseph who is Craig(Mutt)Walters great great grandfather and Joseph Cole had a sister named Zerelda Cole(Craigs great great auntie) whos name would become famous for having as sons two famous and world known outlaws..Frank and Jesse James! Zerelda Cole was born on January 29th, 1825 in Woodford County at the Cole Manor Inn and she would later marry Robert James on December 28th, 1841. She would have 8 children and two of them being Frank and Jesse James.

Zerelda was a large lady at 5 foot eight and over 200 lbs and was strong, domineering, outspoked especially about Southern matters and very fiercly protected of her boys.She married and buried three husbands and buried four of her eight children, Zerelda died on February 10, 1911 and is buried in Kearney, Missouri. To read up more on Frank and Jesse James who is Craig(Mutt)Walters great Uncles then just type in and google, James\Younger Gang(youngers are cousins of Craig(Mutt) Walters.He is also related to Jesse James of West Coast Chopper fame as Jesse's great great grandfather was Cousins to Frank and Jesse James while Craig's great great grandfather was an Uncle to Frank and Jesse James which makes him a far Cousin to Jesse James of West Coast Choppers.The Long Beach,Ca native Jesse James is married to Sandra Bullocks the well known Actress and they still there in Long beach living very happily.

The other side of this side of the family include the Dumas family who settled near Dallas Texas and James P.Dumas surveyed most of what is now Texas. James P. Dumas had a ranch so large that he could ride from his ranch(SISTER GROVE)to nearby Sherman,Texas without even leaving his property. James P Dumas fought in the Texas/Mexican war of 1830's with his uncle Ben Milam who is well known as the one who cried "WHO WILL FOLLOW OLD BEN MILAM TO SAN ANTONIO.He would be later hit by a sniper shot leading volunteer men and giving orders to take cover from Santa Anna's Army.He died a day later and there are statues of him along with James P Dumas in Texas.

James P. Dumas wife, Mae Dae Dumas became even more famous than her husband and inlaw Ben Milam as she was known as the Clamity Jane of the South.She drove a Ox cart BY HERSELF from back East and gambled,shot her own game and drank with the boys in the wagon train. She used the money won in gambling to buy her cloth for her CLOTHING and was thought as one of the boys than James P.Dumas wife...she dressed in buckskin and men clothes most of the time during the trip by OX cart from back east and she used the money for Dresses though she was more confortable in buckskin. The Dumas Family is related to Craig(Mutt)Walters from Joseph Cole's son, Richard Aquilla Cole named after his grandfather Richard Cole Jr. Richard Aquilla Cole married Laura Gertude Dumas who is James P.Dumas grand daughter and daughter to James P.Dumas's son Travis Malachi Dumas who drove cattle up the Chisholm Trail.

Craig(Mutt)Walters grandmother was Mary Jane CoLe, Richard Aquilla Cole's daughter.Mary Jane Cole married Alvin Ray Kidd in 1932 and they had two children in Dorothy Jane Kidd and Chris Robin Kidd. Dorothy Jane Kidd who is Craig(Mutt)Walters mother. Mary Jane Kidd was a very well known activists for Hospitals in the L.A. area and was named several times "Woman of the Year" and was a great Civic Leader in California. Mary Jane Kidd died in 1997 at 88 years old and Alvin Ray Kidd died of Parkinson disease in 1990. Dorothy Jane Kidd married James Walters of the same Scottish high Noblity of Aberdeen, Scotland in 1958 and had two children in Craig(Mutt)Walters and Cameryn Jane Walters.

The Walters still lives in California and are still very active in civic duties in California as Dorothy Jane Walters and James Walters now retired, do tireless work for the Healdsburg,Ca Hospital in raising funds and also does various civic duties for Somoma County.

Cameryn Jane Walters married Martin Breen in 1997 and they own Foward Motion Sports Francise headquartered in Danville,Ca. They do work with local teams and schools in outfitting teams and does various civic duties for the community in Contra Costa County.

Craig(Mutt) Walters has gone back to university as to do what he loves to do in working outdoors in nature and to teach history and has continued to support and promote his other love which is flatland freestlye bike riding. He continues his work in flatland by sponsoring riders and promoting events thru TEAM MUTT PROMOTIONS which is a PROFIT FREE enterprise.Craig(Mutt)Walters writes sci-fi books called the Serpent Society, about a Modern Mayan civilization and has now written 6 of the Serpent Society Books! He continues to write and plans to hopefully one day to publish his books into hard copies from the online books that he has written.The linkt to the books are below.........He has also written many short stories also about sci-fi/horror subjects.

Craig Mutt Walters.. Scottish Noble Bloodlines
! Craig Walters ...16th Lord Walters of Aberdeen, Scotland (1961-?? I
2! James Walters...15th Lord Walters (1934-?? I
George Walters (deceased..cancer)...14th Lord Walters (1930-1998) I...*title passed down to second oldest son of S. Douglas after George Walters died in 1998!
3! S. Douglas Walters(deceased.heart attack) 13th Lord Walters (1897-1966) I
4! George Wesley Walters...12th Lord Walters (1870-1943) I ..Plantation owner..Liberty Hall
5!Simeon Auswell Walters...11th Lord Walters (1844-1903) I Plantation owner..Liberty Hall
6! Seaborn Auswell Walters...10th Lord Walters (1809-1866) I Plantation owner/merchanize store
7! Richard Walters .....9th Lord Walters (1780-1845) I plantation owner
8! Richard James Walters ...8th Lord Walters (1740-1805).... born in Walters family castle in Aberdeen Scotland but later his family left because of Jacobite Wars of mid-18th century wars between Scotland and England. They settled in the new world in what is now is Southern Georgia, U.S....Americus Georgia!
The family can be traced back to 10th century to Aberdeen, Scotland!

Besides inflating his genetically mutant bloodline, Craig's other main interest is creating kiddie porn, which he calls 'vore', and using the names of the victims of Keddie in his stories. Disgusting subhuman turd.
"Back off, man. I'm a scientist."
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Re: The Keddie Murders Wikipedia page (and Craig)

Postby Chichibcc » Fri Sep 07, 2012 4:08 pm

Wow....someone's definitely a little desperate, aren't they? :-O
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Re: The Keddie Murders Wikipedia page (and Craig)

Postby Jaeded » Mon Sep 10, 2012 6:09 pm

I have a question.. Valley is dead?

Ive read alot of his posts. I read about him talking about being poisoned. Why was he poisoned? And does it have something to do with this case? That would be kind of crazy, 30 years after the murders, and someone on a case chat is poisoned because of their talking. Or is it just a rumor? And isnt Valley, Night Rider here? or Magnum? I cant remember which name for sure.

Re: The Keddie Murders Wikipedia page (and Craig)

Postby azucena » Tue Sep 11, 2012 1:18 pm

How did he die?
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Re: The Keddie Murders Wikipedia page (and Craig)

Postby IPO » Tue Sep 11, 2012 5:45 pm

I wonder if anyone gained access to his computer. I'll bet some of the information on there was burning hot. I used to get e-mails from him through a Yahoo group.
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