PCSO's request to follow James Sharp

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PCSO's request to follow James Sharp

Postby jhancock » Tue Dec 28, 2010 8:52 pm

In hopes of establishing a lead, the PCSO attempted to have James Sharp, the father of the Sharp children, followed. Their efforts apparently did not get them far, but here are the pages documenting their requests.




July 20, 1981

Special Agent in Charge
Naval Investigative Services
Resident Agency San Francisco
Bldg. 7 Room 73
Naval Station
Treasure Island, Ca. 94130

Attn: Agent Carolyn Silberstein

Dear Carolyn:

Reference our telephone conversation on 7-17-81, I have enclosed a brief summary of our preliminary crime scene investigation, along with a photograph of Tina Sharp, the missing daughter.

In general, I am requesting assistance from you in a joint investigation between your office and this department. I request past history on an enlisted Navy man by the name of James Milford Sharp, SSN: [redacted] , currently stationed at the Naval Construction Battalion in Groton, Connecticut. I also request that the naval investigation or agents in that area be requested, through you, to conduct a surveilance on his residency in Groton, without his knowledge, in an attempt to observe the 12 year old missing girl, Tina. His residence is at #4, Flint Court, Groton, Connecticut.

The reason for this request is that on April 11th of this year, someone murdered three people in Keddie, Ca., including the wife of James Sharp, Glenna Sue Sharp, his son, Johnny Sharp, and a friend of Johnny's, named Dana Wingate. In addition the responsibles kidnapped James Sharp's daughter, Tina Sharp. (Refer enclosed crime report). An extensive investiation has ensued, involving this department, other California and out-of-state law enforcement agencies, the California Department of Justice and the F.B.I., and we have not solved the homicides nor found the missing girl.

During the investigation, we have learned that Glenna Sharp's husband is James Sharp and that they were separated during the time of the homicides and Mrs. Sharp was filing for a divorce.

We have also learned that Mrs. Sharp refused to disclose to her husband her residence or phone number where she was living at the time, thus severing his contact with the children, of which there were five. We have also learned that Tina was his favorite child and he thought very highly of her.

Up to this point in the investigation, we have been unable to establish a motive for the crime. We now, however, are considering the possibility that James Sharp we very close to his daughter and could have contracted the kidnapping of her to the responsibles, or committed the crime himself. We doubt the latter because he was most likely in Connecticut at the time, however we don't know that for sure at this time.

Evidence at the crime scene indicates that a kidnapping was planned but possibly got out of hand and developed into homicide as well.

To conclude the above theory, it is necessary to determine if Tina Sharp is at the residence of her father in Connecticut or under his control, or has had contact with him.

In addition to the above request, we would be interested to know if James Sharp has any other residences or places he could have Tina concealed. Also, we would like to know if he had leave or other time off anytime within two months prior to the homicides as we have recently learned that a man was at the Sharp residence in Keddie about three to five weeks prior to April 11th and he reportedly had a fight with Glenna.

There are other reasons for considering James Sharp but they are to lenthy to go into at this time. For this reason, we have also requested the FBI assist in this effort. They have detailed information that can be forwarded to their office in Connecticut and it is hoped that your agent there will confer with the FBI agent there and utilize both agencies resources in this effort. The above action has been cleared through the FBI in our area and they are willing to cooperate in any way.

In summary, we are interested in:

1. Background information on James Sharp, including what State he enlisted from.

2. Surveilance of his residence or any other residence that Tina Sharp could be staying.

3. James Sharpe whereabouts during the two months (February/March and until April 17th of this year.)

4. Any communication between James Sharp and his daughter from March 1981 to present. (The Post Office or telephone company may be able to help.) The mailing address to or from the vicims house would have been either Quincy, Ca., or Keddie, Ca. The victims phone number was 916-281-5647.

Thank you for any assistance you can give us in this case.



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Re: PCSO's request to follow James Sharp

Postby azucena » Mon Nov 12, 2012 10:50 am

Interesting that it was speculated that kidnapping was a possible motive and " got out of hand "
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