840708 "Excellent Citizen" Passenger Report

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840708 "Excellent Citizen" Passenger Report

Postby jhancock » Sat May 14, 2011 3:07 pm

This report is dated 7-8-84 and is typed below as written on the report except for the blanks:

On 7-6-84, I was contacted by a female. She is approx. 50 years old, married, three children, living all of her life in _______, working in ________, and is an excellent citizen.

She gave me information regarding the Keddie homicides. She appeared upset and stated she was "scared to death." She felt I should know this information but did not under any circumstances want her name used.

The informant related that she was driving by the Keddie turn-off when her passenger, a female in her 20s, said the following:

Passenger: I know who killed those people in there.

Inf: What?

Passenger: One of the Compton brothers goes with a friend of mine. She was in their house and saw some pictures with three faces "x"ed out. She said the brothers said that the pictures were of the Sharps and implied that they killed them along with Richard C. She said they said something about Vernal M. knowing something.

Inf: How do you know this?

Passenger: They told my friend and she told me. My friend said that Richard C.'s old girlfriend Joanna knows and they told her they would kill her if she ever said anything.


Passenger: Someone else said they had something to do with another death. The girl's name was Brown or something.

At this point the inf. said the passenger stopped talking. She added she was afraid to ask questions.


This was a lead that we tried to explore for Part II but hit many dead-ends. The reference to "another death" near the end makes me think of Kathy Howard's murder.
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Re: Another strange report - 3 pages

Postby Chichibcc » Sat May 14, 2011 4:16 pm

Another set of brothers as suspects??? There were also some brothers by the name of "Crocker" who were rumored to have been involved in the murders as well.
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Re: 840708 "Excellent Citizen" Passenger Report

Postby dmac » Sun Dec 03, 2017 12:30 pm

Scans of the actual file are below, with names not redacted. Nothing here has panned out, so it just seems like another one rattling her mouth off for attention (the passenger, not the "excellent citizen", lol! Like PCSO are qualified to judge citizenship!?) Another point is the Comptons hve come up several times throughout the case, and never as 'excellent citizens', so maybe where there's smoke...

As you can see, these are original documents Josh stole, then sent to me. I scanned them and sent them back to PCSO.

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