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From Quincy

Postby quincygirl » Fri Jun 03, 2011 11:43 am

I am new here, found this site about a week ago. I am originally from Quincy, lived in Keddie in my early 20's and was friends with Dana's dad and was with him when he got the news early in the morning. He and his girlfriend (at the time) were living with my husband and I in Meadow Valley. Shortly after he was notified of Dana's murder he and his girlfriend were moved to the Spanish Creek Hotel in Quincy for "safety". It was believed in the early days of the crime that Dana's entire family might be in danger also.

Dana had three sisters, who, I believe, were living with their mother at the time (not in Quincy). I have seen the girls over the years and it has been difficult for them growing up knowing that their brother's crime has not been solved. I have seen Dana's dad periodically but not much since I moved away from Quincy late in 1981. He and his girlfriend (my best friend) broke up shortly after the crime and she has since passed away so I no longer see the girls (who were very close to her).

My mother and siblings moved to Greenville in the early 50's. My parents were divorced and my mother insisted we tell everyone my father died. I'm sure she did this because of the speculation surrounding a single woman with children. We were a very poor family but I remember the freedom of living in Plumas County. As a young child, my grandmother used to visit us from Illinois and she came by train and we picked her up in Keddie. The last time she came out was the year of Kennedy's assassination, she was with us when it happened. We moved to Quincy in the late 60's when my father re-appeared (little embarrassing at the time, people thought he was dead).

One of my brothers lived in the house at the end of the swinging bridge in Keddie (on the highway 70 side) in the late 60's and I rented one of the cabins on the opposite side of highway 70 in the old resort in the early 70's.

So, that's pretty much the scoop on me, my memory is not all that good these days so I don't remember a ton of detail during that time, not to mention the shock which puts you in such a bad state. The thing that sticks out most in my mind I think was Dana's funeral. They let all the kids from school come if they wanted to and every single one of those kids wailed throughout the whole thing. It broke my heart that all of these kids were having to endure such a sad situation, made me want to give each and every one of them a hug. It was standing room only at the Methodist Church in Quincy. It was a wonderful tribute to a wonderful kid. Now, let's get this crime solved!!

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Re: From Quincy

Postby BUTTERFLYVALLEY1 » Fri Jun 03, 2011 4:20 pm

Glad you came onto this sight. Welcome! :P
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Re: From Quincy

Postby GrewupinKeddie » Thu Oct 11, 2012 6:16 am


I am from Quincy too!! I also knew the Wyngate family. You cracked me up with your mention of your dad returning to town, err from the dead. LOL That story kind of rings a bell... Do you have a sister named Frankie?

Dana's funeral was amazing, I didnt remember that the entire school was able to attend, I just remember it seemed as if the entire town was there-so that would make sense. I remember my identical twin sister and I were at the funeral extra early with my mom (Valerie is her name-in case the twin part jogs your memory, we lived in the Cromberg/Sloat area mostly, my parents had many many friends in the Keddie area. We spent a lot of time hanging out with them. I wont say their last name, just their first, John/Sid, Jeff/Karen, Ann/Kent, Jack/Diane, Bob/Carol... All from Keddie or Butterfly Valley, all my parents friends, my sister and I would have been friends with their kids... We lived in Keddie and in Meadow Valley too for a year more or less for each. We spent our summers at Buck's Lake. My mom and her best friend Annie (who is still in Quincy) worked there.

I posted as well. I have googled Keddie murders twice a year for many years and today I posted for the first time. My topiic is I loved Keddie until 1981. If you get a chance, please read, as I would love to here if this is what the place feels like to you now.
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