Loon's jealousy of Sue

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Re: Loon's jealousy of Sue

Postby Socal67 » Mon Mar 19, 2018 8:38 pm

The story about your children are really cool DMAC..please share more?
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Re: Loon's jealousy of Sue

Postby dmac » Tue Mar 20, 2018 6:24 am

OK fine. Here's a bit of info that adds layers to all my parenting tales.

They weren't my kids.
I was the step-father, and loved them as my own.

The book we bought in Vegas is The Last Basselope. That's the book my youngest learned from on his own, after being taught at 'school' that he couldn't read. He did that during my after-school TIME OUT. I knew he loved the book, so I heard him reading it aloud, alone, during TIME OUT, and stuck a camera around the corner to catch it.

How often can you see a kid learning how to read, to tie his own shoes, to be his/her own person? To me, that's what I wanted on camera. To remember, to cherish, to share when they were old enough not to hate me for filming it.

I have him on video looking at the words, then the pictures, so he could figure out the words I said so often when putting him to bed. He'd memorized enough to figure out the words on paper, so what he was taught in school wasn't so daunting or embarrassing by the teacher's methods.

He was awarded not just 'Best Improved' reader that year, he got another ribbon as BEST READER.

NEVER leave the education of others up to others, as your involvement in daily life makes you, by example, the best/worst teacher every day.

The last book we read together, before I lost him? We were reading The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, and I kept asking if he needed help with the olde language and meaning. Nope, he got it.

He was seven when we read our last book together. We spent the day together, then watched his choice, Tremors 3. I'd shown him the first Tremors film as a "Scary Saturday Night" with home-made popcorn, butter and salt, and on the couch under a blanket. Cozy, warm, and chilled. Do you remember, as a kid, how comfortable it would be to be under a favorite blanket, watching Disney on Sunday, then someone would move, adjust their leg, and completely break the comfort vibe you had going?

It was that kind of mellow comfort.

He'd gone from school alert as 'illiterate' to Seuss to TimeOut teaching himself to best reader to Twain in months.

We literally fell asleep reading that book. Together.
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Re: Loon's jealousy of Sue

Postby billyc1048 » Sat Apr 07, 2018 9:11 pm

Thank you dmac for sharing some special parts of your life with us. All of the best to you.
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