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Kill the Bugger

Postby dmac » Fri Feb 16, 2018 11:47 pm

On the surface, it appears I must be a True Crime aficionado. I don't follow True Crime. Few of the books are true, most of them cheap set-ups. Lazy tell-all lies for the persecution... err, prosecution. I've run book stores, and true crime aficionados are easy to spot- and evade. They actually ask about the goriest book in stock. That's not interest, that's research in how to be top the mark.

I was reading HELTER SKELTER at age ten when my new alarm clock went off at 12:12. It scared the fuck out of me. Then I would look at clocks throughout the months and it was almost always 12:12. Weird shit transpires. Wasn't 12:12 the time on the clock-radio brought by Steve Parent? scared the fuck out of me either way.

I ended up loving a band called The Fugs. I started and ran Tuli Kupferberg's website until his death. I spoke with Ed Sanders many times. He wrote THE FAMILY, the best- and hugely faulty- book about the Manson klan.

It was unrelated, the Fugs and the Fuehrer, it just overlapped with my love of Fugs and poetry, be it beat or FUCK YOU magazine.

It was purely coincidental I found and loved the Fugs long before I realized the band-leader, Ed Sanders, went off to write about Manson in 1970.

I haven't spoken with Ed since Tuli died in 2010. One of the first times we talked, I said, "Look, your update on Manson is wrong. I lived in Simi, took my dog on a walk. Those tracks are filled with Manson graffiti"

"Yeah, I may have gotten that wrong"

Then I asked about early Fugs, asking, "Look, [the labels and managers] fucked you. But it's YOUR MUSIC! They're all dead. Who owns it now? Can't you find LIVE VERSIONS to replace the songs stolen from you? Bootleg the bootleggers: make an album of performances where nobody can contractually screw The Fugs"

Right after that, Ed Sanders put an advert into the LA WEEKLY looking for "Loud and weird" tapes of the Fugs. The Fugs had a new label and new album from that brief exchange. Ed was completely pissed at my Qs until I was frustrated by his lack of love for his earliest stuff, and I confronted him to OWN THAT MUSIC AGAIN SOMEHOW.

That's fucking cool, and has NOTHING to do with Manson, other than Ed and Tuli and I have a long history.

I remember more about Manson than most idiots studying minutiae of the case. I despised Manson, still do. But after reading HELTER SKELTER, a shitty book, I read about the Zodiac one day. Bought ZODIAC for 25 cents, threw it away after reading it, end to end, waiting for my nearby Dr appt.

Then I read a book on John Wayne Gacy. That's the first time I didn't want the culprit to just die in jail. No, I wanted to pull the switch on the worthless puke. Myself.

Therein is my entire history of True Crime Stories.

Understand why I may say I want people dead. And I do. Read on...

I've looked up several other murders as a result of researching Keddie, but Gacy's the guy I wanted to personally dispatch.

I worked in Burbank at the time, editing shows like Seinfeld and Roseanne and Unsolved Mysteries. I was doing a/b rolls, nothing complex. I also did answer prints on more prestigious things, like Godfather 3, Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction. The good stuff. That's when you're a real editor, trusted to put the orig camera neg into final position.

I used to get off work at 12:30 am. I'd ride my bike up the canyon to my bar on Foothill, and play pool and drink some beer. I was a regular. They knew me, knew my hours. Almost every work night, to unwind. Never my days off.

The night Gacy was juiced, the bar was lit up with banners and free beer. I'd so enamored these people as to why our country should murder that sick fuck, they honored me. Just because I so wanted that sick fuck dead. And I did. Oh, how I did.

I felt ashamed. I've never been a proponent of the death penalty, but that fucker deserved quick dispatch. As did Manson and Red and Blue and Brooce and Slim. Kill the lot.

The reality quickly turned my brain, then my stomach.

So few deserve the Death Penalty. yet it's so abusively bigoted and myopic in its fallow, careless instrumentation. Every time you step on a crack, you're not breaking your Mama's back, you're letting electricity smack through the body of a Texas black who probably never committed the crime.

I want many involved in KEDDIE DEADDIE, but we need a country-wide ban on state-committed murder. We're better than murder as punishment.


Those in favor of a death penalty say, without a shred of evidence, it suppresses crime through fear. In reality, it means "leave no witnesses". Ala Keddie 28.

"Back off, man. I'm a scientist."
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