Pay Phones

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Pay Phones

Postby dmac » Sun Feb 18, 2018 2:54 am

OK, let's lie and say John and Dana were loaded with money, selling drugs all over Plumas, they were wheeler dealers at the top of their game, Killed for being successful.

What a fucking RIDICULOUS assumption/conclusion from the facts at hand.

The closest pay phone I know of in 81 was at the Chevron. J&D walked PAST IT at every opportunity.
they went to Dana's fuck-buddy. Free Phone. No calls from J or D to 28.

To those who believe J&D were money-binging dealers, add that math, and shove so many moronic theories up your ignorant assholes.

They had no money. No drugs. Nothing in their stomachs other than the sodas they drank at her house.

Their sightings at the Chevron proves they were cutting corners. In cash, in steps, in time. My bet is they were so low on others radar, nobody claimed to give one fuck about them until they were dead. Only one car of folks adds up as true, and true regret. E and The Spick. As evidence shows, that's when all the assholes claimed to know how they got home.


The person that gave them the ride home lied to protect a vital secret, not to be famous. The lie was silence.

Add that up, motherfuckers.
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