How Much Blood Makes Toe Squish

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How Much Blood Makes Toe Squish

Postby dmac » Wed Mar 07, 2018 2:57 am

From an old comment, I still wonder how much blood it takes in 28 for Sue to step in the blood of the already-murdered for blood to seep up and stain the tops of her toes.

Fact: Sue was killed last, in a coup de gras wound under her left breast, after being forced to witness the deaths of the others. That COMPLETELY sidelines the killer's story of the rest being purely collateral damage.

I said early on Sue was made to witness the murders of her loved ones. Evidence told me the other victims were used, even chosen in order, to torment the object of the crime: Sue Sharp.

Fuck You, Marty. You didn't have the mettle nor honor to respect those you killed. AIDS was made for you, bitch!

Marty died of AIDS, and he's one of few who deserved it. The other I can name? Trump's hero, closet-queen fascist, Roy Cohn. AIDS was made for assholes, not gays.

No, AIDS is fucking awful, and my disgust of Marty, Loon, Dee, etc, has no merit being compared to a sweeping disease. I'm ashamed of myself, but I'm leaving the post unedited to show why. I have no arguments about that utter filth within me. Never let anger become relentless hatred. Hatred is madness and all-enveloping.

Fact: most of the front area of 28 was hash-fucked and cheap. Most of the floor was sheet wood, cheap particle board sheets. The carpet was used when installed. The carpet had no padding below, period.

The carpet had nothing for blood to sink into or through, so the kill zone of 28 could absorb little liquid. The cushion did, the carpet still holds amazing evidence just by deduction, but the kill zone of 28 was particularly non-absorbent. That's why and how the blood stains show the timeline.

Why did Sue have blood squishing through her toes? Because 28 itself rejected the evidence at hand, which was ignored by LE scum.

The cushion had multiple blood stains on all sides. It was not for "comfort", fucking idiocy! It was to contain, to stage, and when smashing Dana's postmortem head, to control sound.

Sorry, I'm weaving about, as this case still staggers me. But even my stumblings are often worth more than a dog fart.
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Re: How Much Blood Makes Toe Squish

Postby budrfligh » Sat Mar 10, 2018 7:40 pm

I recall a mockumentary lady talking about someone hearing thudding sounds and dismissing them. I kinda figured it was the sound of Dana and the cushion.
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