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TakeAway Supper

Postby dmac » Wed Mar 07, 2018 3:36 am

Take away the victims known to have wounds which comply with the scene. Blood stains.

Dana? no, he had mouth trauma probably from hammer and fist, but he was dispatched right alongside Tina. He didn't bleed out, as he was strangled to finish him off.

John? Hell, yes. Massive head trauma, proof of multiple movement in the crime scene, his neck blood arc was under Dana's posed legs.

Sue? Killed LAST, so let's place her in one place, meant to witness the murders of her loved ones.

So who explains all the blood bleed-out spots?


She screamed, and maybe was the first death Sue was placed, forced, to witness.

There's been more bleed-out than known wounds. If anyone can concentrate on the shit autopsy reports and photos, I see more blood stains than even illogical movement of bodies which could be possibly responsible. Dana's head was crushed long after his murder, not a bleed-out, other than the separated spatter and bleed-out on the corner of the cushion, marking the carpet in a clear pattern.

Anyone thinking this was one guy is a cunt. The way John was posed proves at least two killers were present.

His feather vest was splayed out on both sides of his corpse, and well above his shoulders. The sole explanation is two lowered him into that acted repose. He was held by shoulders and legs, which is why that vest details so much of the crime: timing, staging, intent, timing and timing. That vest proves he was staged after Dana, yet perhaps before Sue was murdered.

That means less movement of bodies, which leaves the bleed-outs ever less defined.

Sue was definitely alive and conscious when they took Tina's corpse from 28. So was JUSTIN AND LOON.

Even if I can't impress or express it, just typing this shit up helps me think it through all over again, which is why I keep working it. Smallest of pieces fall into place, keying me off to a new direction, proving the sole soul static:

Learning is growth is learning.

Folks, my mind works in different worlds than the ones navigated via your individual chalk outlines, outside of which all if you once playfully existed. Your manipulations of 'reality' are just as individual and fraudulent as mine, which makes 'sanity' the proof of relativity few can address.

Never intend to hurt others, love the strayed, lead the lost, and you'll be the best and simplest human you ever wished to be. That's the instinct of most, and the biggest loss of all.

Ain't this supposed to be a Love Boat, after all? Fuck Fantasy Island, we're all on the same sinking ship.

Either bail or drown.

That's not politics, but life defined.
"Back off, man. I'm a scientist."
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