Tina's Eyes

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Tina's Eyes

Postby dmac » Wed Mar 14, 2018 2:49 am

Most of the photos we have of Tina are from the future-convicted child molester teacher. I believe he groomed her and many others.

Point: Look at her eyes.

POINT: Look at the table she's in. It's a kid's table, a one-piece for K-5, not for a 12 year-old.

Something is going on. She was said to be small and insignificant, downgraded to Greg's class. Not Rick's, Greg's. Yet her teacher, later an RSO, is taking photos most meaningful to understanding Tina?

That is sick, as in fucking insane.

Her eyes show significant understanding, humility, humor. Tina was smart. I have no doubt she had brains and humor. Snuffed by Marilyn. Loon's the one that makes up all the lies about Tina, so she's the killer of Tina.

With all the shit, Tina was never treated for all the crap slang going around. My bet is the whole family has dyslexia. We're tearing down a family as if we can rebuild them?

No fucking way.

Marilyn, I want you dead.
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