This report is based on misinformation sent to FBI's Quantico office, presumably by Plumas County Sheriff's Office and/or California DOJ, namely P.A. "Mike" Crim and Harry Bradley.  Crim and Bradley were immediately dispatched to Plumas to take over the case, yet they were both Organized Crime Special Agents.  Here, the FBI were told Dana's throat had been "ripped out with a claw hammer", which is flase. However, they do make clear that THE KILLERS BROUGHT WEAPONS TO THE CRIME. PCSO/DOJ claim all weapons came from inside 28, which is complete bullshit.  As this report is based on information sent to the FBI by other LE, and is filled with rank misinformation and bullshit, who was lying to whom, and why?  810415-fbi report 4  Here' it's claimed Tina was with Sue and her siblings all day, yet everyone we know of says Tina was left by herself in Keddie while everyone else was in Quincy. Also, why did Tina find the need to have so many "hiding places"?  810415-fbi report 6