PCSO Don Stoy, who replaced Sylvester Doug Thomas as sheriff, filed this "joint report" covering the actions of himself and PCSO KEn Shanks, later sheriff who resigned after admitting he is a child molester. It is error-filled, and seems to lackadaisically describe all the actions of two top-ranking PCSO over a period of SEVERAL DAYS. Even the dates on each page are all over the map.  810415 Stoy Report 02  On this page, Stoy claims (as an obvious edit to the original report) PCSO immediately realized Tina was missing. According to witnesses and Sue's brother, Mike Davis, PCSO were unaware Tina was missing until late in the day. Davis was asked to ID Sue's body a second time at the mortuary, on the evening of the 12th, because LE were unsure if it was Tina or Sue.  810415 Stoy Report 04  810415 Stoy Report 05  810415 Stoy Report 06 
810415 Stoy Report 07  810415 Stoy Report 08