First page of PCSO Forcino's report.  A note detailing the contents of Sue's purse.  Reverse side of the same list.  a sketch of the missing tool box, a school project of Johnny's. Or was it the box Tina used for her own school project, the one some claim she was attached to? Either way, LE determined it was taken from the cabin.  Layout of Cabin 28, as drawn by a member of LE at the time of the initial investigation.  Layout of Cabin 28 front room (where victims were) by PCSO, dated 4-13, and indicationg portions of wall removed as evidence. 
Don Stoy's drawing of 28's floorplan from 1991.  In this review, dated 1983 or 88, Don Stoy thinks Dana was tied to a chair when he died. Stoy is finding staging, which there was, but Dana was lying dead on his back for hours before the killers returned, rolled him over and staged the head wounds. Other things Stoy notes are correct and interesting: no defensive wounds to the boys, hesitation wound on John's neck, and blond hair dried in blood in John's hand.