Forcino Five

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Quincy's own newspaper's first article on the murders.  810412  810413  810413  810414  810414 
New Doc  April 15 Sac Bee article, detailing the search for Tina, and how PCSO tried to blame it on the I-5 killer, who was already in custody and gained widespread publicity when he was ARRESTED OVER A MONTH PRIOR TO THE MURDERS!  810416 Keddie 4 16 81 Redding  46808 146278198745598 119081004798651 230267 5818996 n  May 7  May 25- fake composites come out  June 22 81 'frustration' 
2006 retelling of Sheriff Thomas' July Suprise- his sudden resignation to take a job set up by corrupt DOJ Bradley, and DeCrona's dad.  1996- "Sidetrack"'s bullshit gains DeCrona's ear  2  2001 20th Anniversary recap  2001- An article claiming the Mollaths, longtime owners of Keddie, were to rebuild the town. Many people accuse them for the apparent neglect that led to it's long decline.  more of the 01 article. DeCrona the poser. 
2002 memorial for Tina  2002 memorial for Tina 2  2002 memorial for Tina 3  Victori2006- a Metcalfe gets her feelings hurt because she's an idiot.  2011 30 year recap... "solved?" Hardly!  'solved?' pt 2