To say Dee Lake is a POI in te murders is a vast understatement. His entire story of loaning Marty his car is bullshit. Here's Dee's car at 26 at noon on Sunday, April 12. This car and the green sedan in the foreground leave at around the same time.  Dee and his ex claimed Dee's car was a green 70s Ford station wagon. Here's the wagon leaving from Marty's cabin 26, taking the long back route out of Keddie rather than passing the squad car in front of cabin 28.  Cluse-up of the green station wagon, between cabins 27 and 25.  Here's the same car, from the same helicopter, many seconds later. It's creeping out of Keddie the back way.  Detail of the last image.  Here's the final known shot of the green station wagon skulking out of Keddie. It's believed this is the killers on the way to Camp Eighteen to dump Tina's body. 
Left: two shots of a 78 Ford Fairmont. Right: detailed shots of Dee's car leaving Keddie,  Dee, Marty, and Marilyn claimed Dee's .22 rifle was hidden under the front seat or behind the back seat. Neither is possible in this tiny car. It is physically impossible to put a rifle under either seat. The alibi is a bust.  1983 Chico Phone Book, showing Dee and Remona lived there... The "anonymous" phone call IDing Tina's skull came in 1984, and all copies of the tape were checked out by LE and made to disappear. Marty Smartt was back living in the area of Paradise, while Dee Lake was living in nearby Chico. News of the skull got more publicity where they lived than in Plumas, so was it Dee or Marty that made the call?