Page 1 of a lie-filled interview, where Crim and Bradley ignore the lies and repeatedly stear John 'Brudzie' Boubede away from danger.  810414 Bo Int Crimley-02  810414 Bo Int Crimley-03  810414 Bo Int Crimley-04  810414 Bo Int Crimley-05  Written on the back of Page 5, apparently by an investigator. 
810414 Bo Int Crimley-06  810414 Bo Int Crimley-07  810414 Bo Int Crimley-08  810414 Bo Int Crimley-09  810414 Bo Int Crimley-10  810414 Bo Int Crimley-11 
810414 Bo Int Crimley-12  810414 Bo Int Crimley-13  810414 Bo Int Crimley-14  810414 Bo Int Crimley-15  810414 Bo Int Crimley-16  810414 Bo Int Crimley-17 
810414 Bo Int Crimley-18  810414 Bo Int Crimley-19  810414 Bo Int Crimley-20  810414 Bo Int Crimley-21  810414 Bo Int Crimley-22  Photo and top-sheet of criminal report on John Boubede. The photos were taken upon release from Stateville Prison in 1965. Dated Amy 4, 1981, the report detailed years of felonies and light prison sentences. At some point after the murders, Boubede's criminal record was scrubbed from all known law enforcement databases. Why is Bo Boubede being protected by the US government?  This is Bo as he appeared upon release from Joliet Prison in 1965. Despite dozens of news reports prior to 65 for crimes he committed, he virtually disappeared until he moved in Keddie a couple weeks prior to the worst crime in Plumas County's history, staying roughly 200 feet from where the crime occured. He carried false ID, lied to LE about who he was, why he was in Keddie, what his job was, and whether he knew the victims, yet was allowed to leave Keddie two days after the murders. 
Left: Boubede in 1965. Right: age-progression of what Bo may have looked like at the time of the murders.  Last known photo of Bo, taken around 1987-88.