810414 Bo Crimley Interview

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810414 Marty interview

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Marty Smartt threatening lives in the runup to the murders  Snippet from an April 12 interview with Marilyn Smartt  Marilyn's Consent to Search the murderers' cabin, #26, signed on April 15  Marty's Consent to Search the murderers' cabin, #26, signed on April 15  April 28- After the murders, Marty is calling from Klamath Falls and threatening to pick up where he left off.  May 10 LE returned yet again to dig in the back yard of cabin 26. 
Search release signed by Marilyn on May 13, allowing PCSO officers to search her cabin yet again, one month after the first search. She had moved out of the cabin in the days right after the murder, and hadn't been living in Keddie for weeks prior to this search.  July 16- Some paperwork showing the degree of effort LE went to in tracing the whereabouts of their lead suspect after they let him leave the area.  Further efforts to trace the lead suspect's movements. They recovered letters and notes from him to family and friends, as well.  Marilyn claims she came home from the bar and fell asleep watching the news. Then she said she fell asleep watching a western. This TV Guide shows no western was on. Bo also said Loon didn't go to bed. So where was she while Marty and Bo were out raising hell?