News clipping with photo of Cabin 28 taken shortly after the murders were discovered. The Sharps' namesign hangs from the tree, offset horrifically by the crime scene notification posted on the picket fence gate. The large front window, curtains drawn, is seen in the center of the photo. The wire drooping down towards the front of the cabin is the TV line.  Crime scene photo. Front of Cabin 28 from across the fence outside the yard of 27. As you can see here, much of the side of Cabin 28, including the bathroom and boys' bedroom windows, faced and exited to the front yard of cabin 27.  Looking out the front door of 28. Circled in red is the large white house immediately across the street, where the Bodenhams live. Many people forgot this house existed, and many that should know better deny it did.  Crime scene photo. Taken from near the top of Cabin 28's front yard, this shows the rear of cabin 13, the two white outbuildings, and the lodge in the distance.  Crime scene photo. Between 28 and 27, looking towards the rear. This is the bedroom window that Sheila and Jamie Seabolt used to remove the boys from the cabin on the morning of the murders. Jamie also entered from the rear porch and looked around the cabin, but later denied it when asked by police. Note the tension wire dangling from the tree on the other side of the picket fence- it remains from prior maintenance, and is not related to the crime.  Crime scene photo. 28 rear. Johnny's bedroom was accessed via the white door with line of red paint, which led to the utility/laundry room. Johnny's bedroom took up the right side of the lower level. Note the telephone line coming in from the upper left, where it attached to the wall above the girls' window, and entered their room near the floor. Also visible is the single white cloth and three wire clotheslines, strung very low. The second cloth line dangling over the intact line was pulled down, perhaps by the killers. 
Crime scene photo.  The back stairwell of Cabin 28, looking towards the rear of 27. Johnny's bedroom window is on bottom right, covered with cardboard probably as a crude insulator. Also note the yellow drop-light plugged into the rear of the cabin, hanging from a stairwell support post. Timeline A, not on the current official PCSO timeline, notes a witness in cabin 24 awoke at 4am and saw this rear light turned on. It is the sole mention of a light at the rear of cabin 28, and is not mentioned by those in 16, who reported looking out their window in this direction after hearing muffled screams fom this direction at roughly 1:15 am.  Crime scene photo. Rear of cabins 27 and 28. Sue's car, towed and impounded into evidence by PCSO prior to this image, would have been parked in this area. Johnny's bedrrom windows are seen lining the bottom right side of the cabin.  View from the rear stairs of 28.  Cabin 13 outbuilding on left, Cabin 28 in the center, and 27 on the right. C 2002. Johnny's bedroom windows on the bottom rear of the cabin are boarded up.  28 prior to being torn down in 2004.  keddie1 
28 from the side of 27  Front of 28, sealed, c 2002. Doors weren't often locked in Keddie, particularly by Sue with Johnny and Dana still likely on their way home, and with Johnny not having a bathroom downstairs, so the killers simply walked in on Sue, who was in bed at the time, her robe hanging from the door and eyeglasses on the night stand. The two youngest boys and their friend, Justin, were in the bedroom to the right of the door, and Tina was asleep in the back bedroom when the murderous invasion began.  Many cabins and building were condemned by the county, and it's believed several cabins were torn down at the same time as 28.  Rear stairwell of 28; Entryway to the laundry room and downstairs bedroom (Johnny's room) is on the left at the base of the stairwell. The bloody prints left by a killer were midway up the bottom stairwell post seen at the forefront, near the gray mark.  looking down the rear stairwell, c. 2002.  the rear of 28 is at the center of the picture. The green structure on left is an outbuilding of 27. The tan building to the right of 28 is the rear of 14, with 15 to the right. Cabin 14  reported seeing a female (Tina) washing dishes in the evening, and cabin 16 (just to the right of 15, out of frame) reported screams heard from the rear area of their cabin at roughly 1:15 am. 
Cabins 14 and 15 on the left. 28 is in the center, and 27 to the right. c 2002  Superimposition of cabin 28 graphic atop recent image to show where cabin stood.  Superimposition of cabin 28 graphic atop recent image to show where cabin stood.  From behind cabin 14's garage  Demolition of Cabin 27, 2004. Cabin 28, still standing to the left, was torn down just after.  28i 
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