Living room of cabin 28, taken from the kitchen c2002. After the murders, the living room walls were replaced/refurbished because much of the panelling had been taken into evidence. The knotty pine panelling seen here was hidden behind much of the wallpaper-covered sheet rock lining the walls of 28 at the time of the crime.  The front door of Cabin 28, including the light switches by the door and on the wall to the left (barely in frame). At the time of the murders, in the alcove behind the door was a 3' high bookshelf holding photos of Sheila and Johnny.  Living room c2002.  The metal flashing seen at center was installed after the murders, as the wood stove ceiling vent was directly over where Sue had the couch. At the time of the murders, there was no wood stove in Cabin 28, yet Tony "The Greek" Garedakis claims he helped Sue "and the kids" chop and gather wood the day of the murders.  After the murders, the kitchen was redesigned slightly, and the bookshelf/wall seen at the right forefront is much smaller in this photo as a result.The kitchen table was near the black spot on the floor, and the fridge wall against the wall to the left of the rear door.  c2002.  kitchen c 2002. In 81, the stove was 180 degrees around, and all the way to the right, butted up against the bookcase/wall seen in the previous image.  Kitchen doorway exiting to covered back porch, and rear stairwell beyond. c.2002. The fridge was against the wall to the left. . 
Rear door to the stairwell. It is believed the killers took Tina from the cabin via this route. There was no light anywhere behind the cabin, other than the drop light hung from the top of the outside post (seen at center of image).The backyard was a clutter of bikes, trees, and low clotheslines roughly 4-5' off the ground. It is, therefore, believed the killers were very familiar with the layout of the cabin, yard, and environs of Keddie in general.  Looking down hallway towards boys' room and living room (barely visible to right of boy's door) from the girls' room. This gives an idea of how little of the living room, where the murders occured, can be seen from the girls' room. Photo c.2002  Boys' room and closet, c. 2002. The bathroom is to the left, the living room and kitchen to the right. Despite Justin's statements otherwise, it is physically impossible to see what he claims he saw if he was hiding behind the door of the boy's room, which means he was visible to the killers when he witnessed the crimes.  Downstairs utility/storage area, c. 2002. Johnny's room was to the right.  basement of 28, c 2002