Helicopter crime scene shot. These aerial images give a very good idea of the tight proximity of cabins within the compact town of Keddie.  This shot is taken from almost directly over cabin 26, which was a very short walk from both the Back Door bar at the lodge and Cabin 28.  Cabin 26 is where Martin Smartt lived, who is deemed by PCSO to be their main suspect all these years. Severin John "Bo" Boubede, whom Marty supposedly "met" while in the psych ward of the Reno VA hospital just weeks prior to the murders, had moved in with Marty's disentigrating family. Residents of cabin 16 reported "muffled screams" coming from the area behind cabin 28 at 1:15 am.  The red station wagon can be seen outside of cabin 26, along with two other cars. Whose cars are parked outside the cabin of the lead suspect in this case? MArilyn Smartt's red station wagon was noted by police to be up on blocks and inoperable. The hood is also up in these images.  A better look at Marylin's disabled car, the red station wagon, as well as one of the two other cars parked outside of 26. A PCSO sedan is parked in front of 28. These images are believed to have been taken around noon on 12 April.  Marylin Smartt's red station wagon is seen in front of 26, under the tree. Dee Lake said he loaned Marty Smartt his only car, complete with a hunting rifle, for over a week so that Marty could use its battery to drive the red car. On the day the murders were discovered, Marty, Dee, and Bo left Keddie in Dee's car for an all-day trip, purportedly to Reno. Police noted the red wagon was inoperable, on blocks in their front yard. Why borrow an entire car to use it's battery in a car on blocks?