1968 family photo, Clockwise, top left: Sue, Sheila, Tina, Johnny.  Sharp children c 1977. Johnny and Sheila at the back, Tina crouched in front of Johnny, wearing blue.  Sue by the yellow truck, Mississsippi.  Pretty and petite, Glenna Sue Sharp, 36, was known to friends as Sue.  Sue left an abusive marriage in 1979 and moved across the country to raise her kids, alone, in the rugged beauty of Plumas County, California.  Johnny Sharp, Sue's oldest child, was just 15 when he was brutally murdered. 
Johnny Sharp school photo, c 1979  Johnny bowling in Quincy, c. 1980. This is the jogging suit jacket he was wearing when killed.  Christmas 1980: Johnny playing an electronic football game.  Candid of Johnny pulling a face, Christmas 1980.  Tina Sharp, abducted and murdered at age 13. Despite contrary statements made by law enforcement, they did not realize Tina was even missing from the cabin until late in the day, after the bodies had been removed and identified twice.  Tina at school, in a photo taken by her teacher, now a registered sex offender/child molestor, Joel Walker Lipsey. 
Photos of Tina taken from the Sharp family album.  Dana's 1979 yearbook photo.  Dana Wingate 1981 yearbook photo. Suffering from diabetes, it's been said his last insulin treatment was in the afternoon of April 11th. Both he and Johnny were shown to have nothing substantial in their stomachs when they died in the early hours of April 12th, 1981.  Dana, FFA Club, 1981 yearbook, published after the murders.  Dana, FFA Club, 1981 yearbook  Dana, FFA Club, 1981 yearbook 
Dana in 1981. It's believed the boys hitchhiked or walked the roughly seven miles home from Quincy only to interrupt a crime already in progress. Of all the victims, Dana was the strongest, yet accounts differ on how he would react to threats or violence. However, it is believed Johnny would have actively combatted any threat to his family.