Crime scene floorplan as drawn by member of the PCSO.  Sheriff Thomas and unknown inspect front wallpaper, where a blood smudge was found. That wall panel was among those taken into evidence. Note the picture of Johnny on the bookshelf behind the front door.  Blood on the front interior door knob, highlighted in red  Living room, looking from front door towards kitchen Note the removed wall panels resting against the kitchen partition, and the portions of bloodstained carpet taken into evidence. The tv table in the foreground holds the hamster cage. Beyond that is the trunk, on top of which is the chair/table combo. The gray area is the tabletop, dirty from fingerprint dust. The phone, removed as evidence, was there, off the hook. The phone wire had aslo been cut from the rear wall of the girls' room, where it originated. Beyond the chair is the wooden table which held laundry and clothing and Sheila's band flute. This is where the killers placed the wiped hammer and butcher knife used in the attacks.  Soft-pack of Camel Regulars left on couch by killers.  The phone cord was cut from the wall in the girls' bedroom, the cord wound up and placed on the living room floor. The receiver was also taken off the base. 
The wall behind the chair and pet cage had blood spatter and knife marks.  The murder weapons, a hammer and butcher knife from the cabin, were left on a living room table by the killers.  The displaced TV. It normally faced towards the couch, which is to the far right in this shot.  It was found pointing roughly in the direction seen here, with the card table leaning against it. LE inexplicably moved several objects, including the TV and table, before taking this photo. While the TV is covered in fingerprint dust, note the several (six) marks on the folded table which appear to be blood splatter.  magazines and jacket (determined to belong to Johnny) on the living room floor. The corner of the couch is seen top left.  Boys' bedroom window from which they were removed the morning after the crime  Blood on girls' bedroom door. Tina's bed was to the left of this door, and a sheet on her bed also had a blood droplet on it. 
Cabinet door, most likely from under the kitchen sink.  Bloody prints found on the bottom post of the stairwell leading to the cabin's back door.  Footprint found behind Cabin 28 several days after the murders.  Close-up of child's shoe print was found several days after the murders during the search for Tina. It was located about a mile north of Cabin 28, beyond the wye trestle. It's not considered relevant to the case.