A blurry shot of cabin 1. For a sense of scale, the front yard is about 5 feet from fence to door. The camera is malfunction due to dying batteries.  Cabin 2, with 3 to the right. Photo c. Oct 2010.  Cabin 2 from in front of 3. If you notice the whitish concrete in the center of the grass, it's for something like water or sewer service. In 81, it was hidden by a red shack like those found in front of cabin 27 and behind 32 in the helicopter crime scene shots. My original belief that they were used to protect trash bins from nocturnal varmints- like Bo- is clearly wrong.  Cabin 3  Cabin 3, the moon cabin.  Cabin 3, with 2 in the distance. 
Behind 3, 2, and 1 These cabins, on average, are ten feet apart.  The lodge from between 3 and 4  4, showing a tiny addition to the original design (with the sliding glass door) on the left.  Cabin 5. The motif on the shutters is squirrels. On the eaves, it's hearts.  Cabins 6-9, showing the renovations recently done on Cabin 6 by the new owners. This photo shows a new roof, porch eave, trim, siding, paint, and fence. The fece is even relatively true to the original design shown in old photos. Photo c. Oct 2010  Cabins 6 and 7 
In 2000, I reported this cabin (6) had been refurbished. My own visit in 2011, and these photos, prove I was mistaken. Only the fence appears new, and the eave over the door is now gone. Yet someone lives there today. The acorn cabin. On the left of the cabin is an enclosed eave, recessd from the front wal so it's all but invisible in this crappy shot. It used to have fake shutters, too, with a pine tree design.  Cabin 7 c. 2004.  Keddie's quite derelict once you get close. Even most of the occupied cabins of Keddie today look more abondoned than you can imagine. Without seeing lights on at night, you'd have no clue people lived there. Only cabins 1, 25, and Vickie's trailer look remotely alive. This is what's left of cabin 7, which is clearly abandoned.  Cabin 7, like many others, was built around a tree. Taken from in front of the foundation for 8.  8 was standing, and occupied, at the time of the murders.  The foundation and basement of cabin 8. 7 on the left, 9 on the right. 9 is only about four feet away from 8. 
This is a very bad photo of cabin 9. The deck where 8 stood is in the distance.  Standing on the corner, looking over the foundation where Cabin 10 was, with 9 behind. To the right were 11 and 12, and behind is the access road for 18-23.