At the mouth of the road leading to cabin 26 and beyond. The side of 25 is on the left, and 26 to the right. Immediately behind the cabins is the steep slope down to Keddie Flats and the back foot bridge crossing the Spanish Creek..  Cabin 26 from the intersection of Resort Rd. and Spanish Oaks, mid 2000s  The main bedroom is on the left, the living area in the center, and kitchen to the right. On the far right is a tiny addition where the boys slept. c. Oct 2010.  c. Oct 2010.  Beyond 26 is a narrow dirt road that loops around and back towards the Keddie Rail Station. It was likely built in the early 1900s to help build the railway and station.  The front room of 26, where Bo slept. 
Panning to the left of the front room, this shows the doorway into the bathroom. The door seen ajar is a small closet. Directly opposite the closet door is the door to the bedroom. Beyond both those doors is the bathroom.  The back window looks down on Keddie Flats.  dresser against the wall of the main room. The door to the left is the bathroom.  Looking into the bathroom to the immediate left is the shower. The bathroom essentially takes up the back section of the bedroom.  Panning to the right of the shower is the storage closet.  Panning further to the right is the sink and toilet. To the right of this is the doorway into the bedroom, where Marty and Marilyn slept.  Walking through the bathroom into the bedroom, looking left towards the front of the cabin and the main door into the bedroom from the front room. 
Side window of the bedroom, cabin 25 beyond.  Bedroom of 26, c. Oct 2010.  Looking back towards the bathroom from the bedroom. Through the door to the right is the front room of the cabin.  Southernmost bedroom window, looking on cabin 25 next door.  Boarded up front kitchen window, looking out on the crushed storage room on the hill beyond.  26's kitchen, c. Oct 2010. 
shelves at the back of the kitchen, over the counter, with the sink to the left.  Shelves to the left of the sink.  26's kitchen, looking into the small addition whre the boys slept. c. Oct 2010.  Rear kitchen window, over the sink, looking down on the Flats.  The boys' room was a very slender addition to the cabin. At the front of the room is the closet. This closet is the entiire width of the room, about 3 1/2 feet.  looking towards the front of the cabin, left of the closet was the exit door. 
The entire back of this "cozy" bedroom.  The edge of cabin 26, looking back to the front door, and cabin 25 a few feet beyonf. Note the view of the cheap log cabin facade. None of the existing structures in Keddie are actual log cabins.  The north side of the cabin. This tiny, narrow addition to the cabin is where Justin and his brother slept. Bo slept in the main room, while Marilyn and Marty Smartt, confessed mass murderer, slept.  110422 300 Keddie  Railroad tie steps lead down to the rear of 26, where the door to the basement is. This is also the area Plumas County Sherrif's officers searched and dug around roughly a month after the murders.  A better view of the steep drop off behind the cabin, leading down to Keddie Flats. 
Rear of 26, and beyond is the nearby side of 25.  Light fixture over the doorway to 26's basement.  26's basement.  Photo c. Oct 2010.  Walking throgh the basement door and to the left, this is the "crawlspace" below the cabin  To the right of the door.  These shots pan to the left, towards the front of the cabin. 
These shots pan to the left, towards the front of the cabin.  Inside 26's basement. Photo c. Oct 2010.  These shots pan to the left, towards the front of the cabin.  The "Harley Davidson" and "SOTD" likely date from after October of 83. SOTD is likely a reference to Motley Crue's "Shout at the Devil" song / album, released on Sept 26, 1983.  These shots pan to the left, towards the front of the cabin.  110422 311 Keddie 
110422 312 Keddie  The water heater, in the corner directly below the shower.  Signs of DEVIL WORSHIP!!!! Infortunately for you theorists out there, the insulation it was scratched into wasn't manufactured until well after the murders.  110422 316 Keddie  110422 317 Keddie  110422 318 Keddie 
110422 319 Keddie  IMG 1622  Looking up the railroad loop road from in front of 26. Looking north towards the wye. Photo c. Oct 2010.  Discarded furniture from 26 litters the hillside opposite the cabin's front door. Photo c. Oct 2010.  Garage/storage on the hill between 26 and the playhouse. Photo c. Oct 2010.  Garage/storage on the hill between 26 and the playhouse. Photo c. summer 2010. 
The storage shed opposite 26.  The storage shed/garage located across the access road from 26.  The rear of the storage shed, showing the damage caused by a fallen tree.  The Playhouse, as seen from Cabin 26.  Cabin 25. The building to the right is the storage shed on the hill. Beyond the shed is the playhouse.  Despite the number on the porch post, this cabin was #25 in 1981. 26 is immediately behind and to the right. Photo c. Oct 2010. 
The junction of Resort Road and Spanish Oaks. Behind is cabin 26.