Girls' bedroom window.  Rear of cabin and stairwell  keddie3  Standing at the rear of cabin 13, looking west at the area between cabins 13-17 and where 28 stood, to the right  Cabin 28 stood on the dark green weedy patch, center left. Cabin 27 stood in the weedy patch at center.  Garages of 13-14 
dsbb4VA  Outbuildings of 13 and 14, with 14 itself on the right This is taken from near the back stairwell of 28, closer to the retaining wall where Tina's bile was found.  The rear of 14 from near where 28's back stairway stood. I'm standing on the retaining wall, exactly whare Tina's bike was.  In the left foreground is the retaining wall to the southwest of where 28 stood. The morning of the murders, Tina's bike, which she got for Christmas, was found leaning against this wall, where I'm standing. Cabin 15 in the distance. The rear of the lodge and cabin 14 are to the left.  Old abandoned wires hanging from a tree behind where cabin 17 stood. The rear of 28 stood beyond and to the left of the retaining wall.  The same shot, with cabin 28 superimposed into position. 
Rubbish pile behind where 16 and 17 stood.  Looking down Spanish Oaks Ln from the corner of Resort Rd. Note the new street sign, which is roughly ten feet north of the old pole. The old sign said "Spanish Oaks Ln".  The foundation where the old red outbuilding stood on the corner of Spanish Oaks and Resort Rd.  What was the front yards of 27 and 28, from the corner of Keddie Resort Rd (left) and Spanish Oaks Lane (right). The old street sign pole is in the foreground.  Where 27 and 28 stood, from the corner. The old fencposts from the picket fence are in the foreground.  Spanish Oaks, twisting into the sidtance. The area at the left was the parking area beside cabin 27. 
Looking up Spanish Oaks, with the dorm seen at the far right.  Cabin 25 from where 27 stood.  27's back yard, with 25 in the distance on the left.  27's back yard from behind 28. These are the trees that fed the phone lines into the rear of 27 and 28.  Scrub growing where 28 stood. The two stumps were the small trees growning in front of the living room window.  Looking from the rear to the front of where 28 stood. 
110423 618 Keddie  Looking from the corner of where 28 stood to the tree, on the left, that held the three clothes lines coming off the cabin.  The top of the clothelines was around 5 feet off the ground. For the killers to navigate behind the cabin in the dark without running into these wires or any of the other obstacles tends to imply thei were familiar with the cabin and the area.  Looking from the clothesline tree towards the front of the cabin. The large tree on the left is the huge pine that was between 27 and 28. The dark, crooked one just beyond and to the right is the tree at the front of the boys' room that held the old phone wire.  The same shot, with cabin 28 superimposed into position.  The tree on the right was between 27 and 28. 
Spanish Oaks Lane from far behind 28.  Clothesline tree on lett, and the tree between 27 and 28 on the right. Those aren't ghostly orbs, either- just rain droplets on the lens.  The rear of where 27 stood. 25 in the distance.  The rear of 13 from the corner, standing beside the new street sign.  Looking immediately across the street from where the Sharp's frontg gate stood. In the distance is the railway station.  Looking up Keddie Resort Rd from where the front gate stood. Where the road continues to the right is where it heads up to the railway station. 
To the right of the front door of cabin 28 stood this tree with wire hanging off it. It's telephone wire from where it originally entered the cabin, near the front, before new wire was dropped in through the girls' bedroom. Thirty years later, the wire is still hanging there.  Looking down the pathway to where the front of Cabin 28 stood.  The same shot, with cabin 28 superimposed into position.  Retaining wall at the front of where 27 stood. 25 behind.  My mockup of Cabin 28 superimposed where it would stand in the same photo. Based on tree locasations and several relevant marks in the landscape and on trees, this is a very accurate representaion od how 28 would have stood in this photo.  Looking towards the lodge from the intersection of Resort Rd. and Spanish Oaks. 13 and the garages are visible betwwen the trees to the right. Photo c. summer 2010. 
Looking towards where Cabin 28 stood from Keddie Resort Road. The tree on the right is where the Sharp's name sign hung. Photo c. summer 2009  Looking towards where Cabin 28 stood from Keddie Resort Road. Photo c. summer 2009  Looking towards where Cabin 27 stood from Keddie Resort Road. The red trash bin stands in the same location it always has. Photo c. summer 2009  Area across the street from 28, looking towards the railroad. Photo c. summer 2009  Corner of Keddie Resort Road and Spanish Oaks, looking towards where 28 stood. Cabin 14 and it's white garage are visible in the background.. Photo c. summer 2009  Spanish Oaks Lane.Keddie Aug 2009 
Former site of cabin 27, looking towards the rear of Cabin 13. Cabin 28 stood near the trees on the right. Photo c. summer 2009  Former site of cabin 27, looking towards the rear of Cabin 13. Photo c. summer 2009  unknown area near cabin 29. Photo c. summer 2009  Looking towards the lodge from Spanish Oaks Lane. The rear of cabins 14-15 are in the distance. Photo c. Oct 2010.