This, and many others to follow, are taken from the eastern side of the 70, looking south onto oncoming traffic. Note that the turnoff to Keddie is just down the road, but this and the next photos show that you disappear from the main road when entering Keddie. There's a good 20 foot drop onto the road into Keddie from where I'm standing, and 70 goes uphill to the Wye while Keddie Resort Road remains rather static after lowering to cross the creek.  The dip into Keddie, looking north from the widest portion of the road as it joins 70, looking north. 70 goes uphill, Resort Road continues to the right, further downhill to the bridge.  Looking uphill to the stop sign. Leaving Keddie, it's a climb to meet 70 from Keddie. Beyond the hill directly opposite 70 is a large, level meadow which still houses the remnants of the Keddie Motel, another property Gary and his "family" screwed into oblivion... and eventually bulldozed, en masse, around 2011.  The drop off from 70/89  A few feet from where Keddie Resort Road meets the 70, looking north is a substantial and immediate dip into Keddie. You basically disappear into nowhere if you drive into- or live in- Keddie.  This is a short distance from the turnoff, and 70 is already over 8 feet higher, enough to make most passenger vehicles turning onto Resort Road disappear. 
Gas station sign in the distance, as walking into Keddie on Resprt Rd.  If you take this path, you go west of the pond near the pond west of the bridge, you end up in a tiny meadow north of the bridge and west of the creek, where those two tiny old cabins still existed in 81.  Looking back to where the loop hits 70. This is looking uphill to 70. Where I stood to take this shot is where the huge log "Keddie Resort" sign was.  The pond begins just to my left.  There was once a stairway that allowed access up the steep hill to the 70. Directly across is the gas station.  This is a view of the tiny Keddie Pond from it's southernmost point. The Resort Road and bridge is several yards to the right, the old lane that led to the two tiny old cabins (reportedly still standing in 1981) on the west side of the creek is just a few feet to the left. The pond is so small, if you tried to skip a stone it would sink, and raise the pond level by an inch. 
A more 'classic' view of the pond. On the opposite left side of the pond is the remains of the sluice that fed the ornamental waterwheel.  You can barely see bits of the 70 on the rise in the background. The gas station is across the road and to the left.  Looking from the edge of the road across the single-lane bridge. Note the pedestrian walkway on the right side of the bridge (south)  The large dead pine in the forefront to the left is where the bridge stretched across the pond.  Looking east across the bridge and the stone retaining wall lining Keddie Resort Road. Behind the trees is the southernmost cabin in Keddie, one of many lining the uphill slope of the entry road to the lodge.Note the streetlight visible here: was it there in 81?  Looking across the bridge towards tha cabins lining the hill above the entry road. Can't see them, can you? But they were they're there.  Looking south, up the hill from the bridge to the cut of the railway. 
South from the middle of the bridge. The second rail is the pedestrian walkway.  North from the bridge. Most may say they've never seen the creek this full, but in April 2011 this is a river, a massive tributary. What was the runoff/depth in 81?  halfway across the bridge, the cabins appear as you walk closer and below the trees.