The cutoff to the left of the bend in the road is parking for trainwatchers. Just over the guardrail to the right is the wye.  110422 127 Keddie  Back to this shot of the road leading off of 70, uphill to the west of Keddie, just below the wye. Fortunately, there are no trespassing signs here or anywhere else, as we soon accidentally found ourselves on this chunk of property.  We'd noticed an odd overhang on the cliff above the 70, so upon a return visit we climbed up to see what it was.  Standing on the rickety platform, looking down on the 70 below and the drop-off to the river, with Keddie beyond. Although this has to be a railwatcher's platform, the one thing you can't see is the railway, or the wye. That's, no doubt, due to tree growth.  The platform in all it's dangerous glory. Note the grill and gardening tools. Musta been quite the happening place in it's day... 1980s? 
Walking down the road the platform is on, northeast, back to the 70. The trees to the right of the road in the immediate distance indicate the area- and ground cover- of the gully I believe Tina may have been dumped overnight by the killers.  110422 138 Keddie  To the immediate right is the drop-off/gully. Just across the highway and a few dozen feet to the right is the road down to the cabins on the west side of the back footbridge.