Just past the bridge, the cabins lining the eastern side of Keddie Resort Road come into view.  ...and looking back to the bridge, with 70 in the distance.  Looking towards the lodge from the entrance of Keddie. Photo c. summer 2010.  Cabin 45 to the right, 44 to the left, both are derelect and used as storage sheds by other tenants.  44  43 
43, 44, and 45, from left to right.  41  Cabins 40, 41, and 43 (l-r). Keddie Resort Rd, looking south.  Cabins lining Keddie Resort Road, heading into town towards the lodge.  Given the proximity to Keddie Wye and Keddie Station, the area attracted- or developed- railfans. Photo c. summer 2010.  Cabin lining the entry of Resort Rd. Photo c. summer 2010. 
Cabin lining the entry of Resort Rd. Photo c. summer 2010.  Looking back southwest towards the bridge.  This section of Keddie Resort Rd., between the bridge and lodge, is lined by cabins on the east side, and drops to the creek on the west.  Heading towards the lodge (seen at the center), cabin 1 is on the left, and a couple cabins on the right (31 & 32) obscuring the dorm. The General Store was between the dorm and those cabins.  Looking directly east between 40 and 32, which you can see a corner of on the left.  32, with 31 just beyond it, and the tan dorm behind 32. 
Cabin 1, with the lodge beyond.  A trailer disguised as a cabin, nestled up againt the slope to the railway.  From left: the dorm, cabin 31, and cabin 32. The General Store used to stand just between the dorm and 31, with a small access road between the store and 31.  Cabin 32.  Cabin 32. Photo c. summer 2010.  32 
31 with 32 to the right  Cabin 31.