One of several piles of rubbish, the remains of several cabins in the area behind cabins 27 and 28.  Looking northeast from the same spot, where 19 and 20 once stood.  Behind where 20 once stood, looking through the clearing back to the river and the steep face up to the 70. This flat area behind these back cabins does not seem like it can easily be reached, as it is a steep, rugged incline from every area I saw. It's not easily reached from Keddie Flats, either. My understanding is the Albins intended to make this area accessible for camping, but never got that far.  110423 636 Keddie  110423 637 Keddie  Looking down a line of posts which must have comprised the fenceline behind cabins 18-23.  22 and 23 once stood in the distance to the right. 
The paved road is Spanish Oaks, heading up to Cabin 25  in the distance. The other road (horizontal at center of picture), which was the access road for cabins 18-23, is also paved but covered with pine needles. It's also the road Sue would have used to gain access for parking behind 28.  Cabins 27-28 would have stood in the distance at the center. Cabin 15 is to the right, with the Lodge in the far distance to the extreme right.  15 on the left, Dorm, Lodge, and Cabin 9 at the far right.  The rear of the cabins lining the west side of the lodge. Cabins 11-12 stood in the foreground, by the lumber pile. Visible are the backs of cabins 9 and 7. Photo c. Oct 2010  Rubble pile near where Cabin 17 stood. The shot is taken from the dirt road that runs behind where 28 stood, connecting the western fork of Resort Road to Spanish Oaks. Photo c. Oct 2010