110422 125 Keddie  The Wye bridge from 70  one of the cabins below the Wye. In 1981, there were about three or four cabins on the west side of the creek, on the other side of the footbridge from Keddie Flats.  Looking at the railway into Keddie from the 70  Looking south down the 70 from the Wye turnout.  Another cabin below the Wye. This is the cabin with the huge deck that stretches out over the creek. 
110422 122 Keddie  A strandard rail junkie trick: Chain your chair to a tree so you always have a seat.  On the road down to the cabins west of the footbridge.  Looking down on the same road, which is very steep.  This road goes up the hill west of 70/89, and turns to parallel 70 southward. It is almost immediately across 70 from the road to access the cabins below and west of the Wye, by the swinging bridge.  Different view of same entry point to the road. To the far left is the gully where I believe Tina may have been dumped and hidden until the killers left Keddie later on Sunday in Dee's car to retrieve it and dump it at Camp Eighteen. 
Looking southwest down a straight stretch, towards the bridge into Keddie.  Looking down into Keddie from the 70. The leech field field is in the meadow just beyond the tributary, and the lodge is seen through the trees.  Through the trees, you can see part of the lodge, and the line of cabins 1-9.  Rear of cabins on 1-9  The road seen turning towards the rubbish piles at the bottom left is the road that ran behind cabin 28, allowing access to the back cabins (18-23) before joing up with Spanish Oaks Ln as it turns down into Keddie Flats. Visible near the center is the foundation for cabin 10. 11 and 12 stood nearby, close to the pile of lumber at the center of the image.  110422 150 Keddie 
Looking down into Keddie Flats from 70.  The retaining wall that drops down to the west side of the river.  Another angle of the bend in the river, looking south to Keddie Bridge. The sweatshirt reportedly found was located near the left (east) bank.  Looking down on Keddie Flats again (to the right). This illustrates very well how the tributairies flow north through keddie, downhill through the canyons towards Oroville.  Near the area the stained sweatshirt was found, with rocks in each sleeve.  Looking north to the massive retaining wall along the 70. 
110422 160 Keddie  Keddie Flats.  One of very few spots where you can see part of Keddie by glimpsing through the trees that line 70. Keddie Wye is known to anybody passing the area, and to rail enthusiasts. Keddie itself is invisible to the outside world. You'd never known it was there unless you'd driven down into Keddie from 70.  The rear of cabin 9, with the Lodge in the distance.  Flat area just north of the bridge into Keddie, west of the creek, where two tiny, old cabins stood in 1981. The resort road is seen in the background.  One of several access points to land currently owned by Gary Mollath, who once 'managed' Keddie, in the bullshitiest sense of the word. 
110422 421 Keddie  The old gas station. Immediately beyond is the now-locked access road to the motel.  110422 173 Keddie  110422 174 Keddie  Another road into Gary's property. The concrete slab is where the second gas station stood during Keddie's heyday.  The concrete slab. The roof of one of Gary's buildings is behind. 
I have no data on who took this shot, but it's c. 2010  tumblr mwmuf5ZK6S1sfc6ado1 1280  Keddie gas station c. 2010. The dirst road going behind the lodge leads to the closed-down Keddie Motel. I have no info on who took this shot.  As it stands today. Evidently, it's the closest Gary (and most of Keddie) has to a working toilet.  110422 178 Keddie  Behind the gas station, it's easy to see how the log cabin motif of Keddie is just a thin facade. In reality, Keddie buildings had no proper wiring or pipes, and quite literally no insulation worthy of the environment. Even cabin 26 shows lame-ass attepts at installing cheap insulation well after the murders. You rent a place in Keddie for $260 a month, but end up spending how much per month heating the place? 
Looking into the station's bathroom. from the back-rear window. The beer cans are recent, and the clothes are from Paris. Anyone have a plunger?  That's the sink at the top center.  The padlocked garage of the gas station.  Keddie bridge, as seen through the trees near the front of the gas station. There was a stairwell up the grade from the droppoff seen in the distance, ready access to the gas station- more photos of that stairwell follow. It was used for Keddie kids to get across to the gas station to catch the bus, the last stop before turning back around and heading back south to Quincy.  Looking north on 70 from the station.  yuck. Gary should be indicted for fire hazard. SLUM LORD. 
I like this shot of the neglected and cracked concrete. It shows the disparity between the sleek (by comparison) 70 and the decades-old roadway used as access to the two stations outside the Keddie Resort. The incongruity in basic upkeep was clearly visible thoughout Keddie in 1981, and even more-so today.