Approaching the lodge from the entrance to Keddie  South side of the lodge, again.  On the south side, looking north. Lodge on the left, dorm to the right, plus the phone booth and self-serve post box. In 1981, the post office was a trailer home set off the road to the north of the dorm.  Lodge and phone booth. Photo c. Oct 2010  South end of the Lodge  The lodge, now missing a portion of the front porch overhang. 
lodge  the now-missing front section. Beyond was the banquet room, where the mock-interviews took place between Crimley and Marty and Bo. I'm surprised it withstood all the wind those assholes blew that day.  North side of lodge  North side of the lodge with doors into the banquet area.  North side, cabin 5 in the distance.  Lodge, with cabins 5-7. 
Looking down the back side of the lodge. The eave in the distance is the entry for the Back Door Bar.  From the corner, looking at the terraced stone retaining walls up to the lodge, with the dorm beyond.  Rear of lodge  Back Door Bar entrance at center. Once entering, to the right is a stairwell upstairs to the dining area and bathrooms. Directly beyond the door is the bar, which wraps around to the left, with a tiny dance floor to the far left, which is probably where the DJ was set up.  Photo taken in parking area Bo was discussing with his DOJ mafia minders, near where the Corvair was supposedly parked.  Note the horizontal wood panelling-- they effectively outline the length of the bar, as the portion of the lodge to the left clearly was not outfitted with a basement- note the access door to the crawlspace. The celiling of the bar was very low, as the wooden beams in the interior shots indicate. 
Looking at the cabins to the rear of the bar doorway. 7, 8, and 9.  Cabin 15 on the right, looking to the pile of rubbish where the back cabins once stood.  Looking to cabin 14 from the doorway of the Back Door Bar.  110423 597 Keddie  Entryway to the Back Door/  110423 594 Keddie 
Looking through the window in the door, you see an entryway, a stone wall, and saloon doors into the bar area.  I once thought the bar was immediately beyond the saloon doors, and that the rest of the room was L-shaped, going off to the left. Then I was able to photoshop the hell out of this image and found the truth: when you walked in, you were met by a row of tables (going to the left, from this perspective) attached to a short brick wall just higher than the tables. Beyond that, aginst the far wall, appears to be where the bar was- note the double service bar rails denoting the waitress station, seen between the two stacks of Home Depot boxes at left center. As the lodge was very narrow, and that the wall beyond the Home Depot boxes was the front wall of the lodge, and that the bar did not extend more than two feet to the right, I now don't know what Marilyn means when she says the place was L-shaped and she didn't see Marty or Bo much that night becuase of the shape of the room.... wtf? I doubt like hell the place was refurbished after it closed in 82... But, then again, all we can see is this peak at what's inside.  110423 593 Keddie  110423 589 Keddie  The white windows behind the tree is the kitchen area, where Marty worked.  The rear of Keddie Lodge. Entry to the Back Door Bar is at lower left corner. 
keddie10  lodge10764494  BackSideofLodge  1982. This group of military equipment hobbyists participated in the Quincy Parade the following day, but stayed overnight in Keddie. Here they are in the rear (north) parking lot of the lodge, with Cabin 13 in the background.  This is the same group, eating dinner inside the lodge. This must be an interior view of the lodge's banquet room, where Bo and Marty sat through farcical interviews with Crim and Bradley.  Lunch menu of the restaurant on the top floor of Keddie Lodge 
Older lodger menu (1960s)  Older lodger menu (1960s)  Older lodger menu (1960s)  Front of the dorm. As you entered through the front- which was between floors- stairs led to the upper floors, or down to the ground floor.  dorm44731039  Front of dorm. Many students, rail workers, and transient types lived in the dorm in 1981, and all were dismissed from suspicion. Photo c. Oct 2010 
The south end of the dorm, showing all three stories.  Dorm. Photo c. Oct 2010  Dorm and lodge from the north parking area.. Photo c. Oct 2010  Dorm (l) and Lodge, as seen from near cabin 13