The front of cabin 13. You can see the top of Keddie Resort Rd , about 140 feet in the distance, curving up to the right towards the railway station.  110422 250 Keddie  Looking uphill towards the front of 13 from North Lodge Rd.  Cabin 13, Photo c. Oct 2010  Front of 13. Photo c. summer 2010.  rear left room of 13. Photo c. summer 2010. 
Side of 13, with Keddie Resort Rd to the right. Photo c. summer 2010.  Rear side of 13, taken from Keddie Resort Rd. Photo c. summer 2010.  Rear of cabin 14 (right), looking at the rear of 14's and 13's garages. This is taken from the back yard of where 28 stood. Photo c. summer 2010.  Cabin 14 on the left, 13 on the right, with outbuildings between.Cabin 28 stood directly behind. Photo c. Oct 2010.  The remains of the outbuildings of cabin 14 (left) and 13 (right). While cabin 14's outbuilding was never more than a shed/garage, the outbuilding for 13 had been converted to living quarters at some point.  Inside 13's outbuilding 
Behind cabin 14, it's outbuilding to the right. Cabin 28 stood in the near distance, where the dark patch and tall weeds are. 25 is in the distance.  Same view with Cabin 28 pasted in where it stood. Although I didn't have a tape measure, I paced the distance between the rear of the shed and the side of the cabin, which translated into roughly 26 feet. As I've said, it's very difficult to coney just how tiny everything is in Keddie.  The rear of 13's & 14's outbuildings. Again, the distance between the rear wall of this closest outbuilding and the nearest wall of Cabin 28 was roughly 26 feet.  Tiny cabin 14, with 15 downhill in the distance.Everything you see, including distance, is much smaller than it appears.  Cabin 14. Photo c. Oct 2010  The rear of cabin 14. 
Cabin 15 from in front of 14.  Looking up at 15 and 14 from the juncton of theMorth Lodgr Rd and West Lodge Rd.  Cabin 15. Photo c. Oct 2010  Cabin 15, with 14 to the right. Cabin 16, to the left, is where occupants reported hearing "muffled screams" at 1:30 am the night of the crimes. The sounds were coming from behind their cabin, which is the back yard of Cabin 28.  Rear of Cabin 15.  Rear of 15