180 degrees from the last photo, this is the rear of the playhouse, with abandoned furniture off to the left. Beyond the playhouse is the hill up to the railroad.  This is the north side of the playhouse. Note the railroad ties used as the foundation. Based on that, and what I saw of the clearance of the cabin above the ground, Marilyn's story of floorboards pulled up (ostensibly to harbor Tina's body before she was taken out of Keddie) is, in my humble opinion, just another vast pile of bullshit. Why that stupid bitch felt the need to squander her credibility on stories not necessary to further establish those assholes, Boubede and Marty Smartt, as the prime suspects-- I just don't understand her motivation, other than that she's a compulsive liar, and a sociopath using fake revelations to further distance herself from a mass murder. Pig.  110422 324 Keddie  Left side of the front of the playhouse.  110422 327 Keddie  110422 329 Keddie 
110422 333 Keddie  110422 336 Keddie  110422 337 Keddie  The partially walled in doorway indicates it was likely once a utility or storage shed. Again, note that the height of the railroad tie foundation is roughly four inches. The floorboards of the playhouse are not installed in a way condusive to prying them up. In fact, all I saw of the floor told me it was made of plywood, not floorboards, which further discredits Mariliar.  110422 340 Keddie  This is taken from the road used to access the rail station. 90 degrees to the right would be the rail station, 90 degrees left would be the corner of Keddie Resort Rd and Spanish Oaks, with cabin 25 on the corner. 
Panning left towards cabin 25, this is the crushed storage building on the hill above 25.  110423 682 Keddie  The area outside the playhouse is littered with as much garbage as is found within, including old engines and vehicle parts.  The playhouse. Photo c. Oct 2010.