110423 433 Quincy  110423 436 Quincy  Across the street from where a real asshole currently lives. The building immediately to the left of the power pole (center) is where the Meeks lived in 1981. The trailer park where the Sharps lived when they moved to Quincy in 79 is a few hundred yards beyond it, in the trees.  A closer look at the duplex where the Meeks lived in 1981. After the murders, they took the Smartts into their home. Marty Smartt, confessed mass murderer, was taken away by police after an outburst and scuffle in the front yard area.    And I guess this is where that python pedophile, Craig, lost control of his station wagon while loitering?  Looking west down Main St. in East Quincy.  110423 441 Quincy 
This is the ball park next to Gansner Park where the boys, including Justin, had baseball practice on Saturday morning. Keep in mind it was Sue that dropped them off and picked them up, and took Justin for the rest of the day. There is ZERO publicly known about interactions with anybody else from cabin 26 that day, where Justin's parents, and the prime suspects / confessed killer, lived. Nothing on the timeline, other than Justin's brother playing "ditch" with Justin and the younger Sharp kids?  Wait, Marilyn clearly recalls asking Sue to go to the bar as Bo's date, along with her and her brilliant asshfuck husband, Marty, when they fucking well knew Sue was the only adult in charge of the household where Justin, her child, was sleeping that night? In-fucking-sane assholes in 26.  Taken from the foot bridge from the ball park into Gansner Park, looking at the 70 bridge over Spanish Creek.  Gansner Field, the airport between tha ball field and the Tourism Bureau. This is where Dana did damage to the airstrip lights, landing him a probation sentence.  The Spanish Creek flooded the bridge into Oakland Camp, so we used the access road on the opposite side of the 'stream'  to take this shot. Guess what is just above the camp, where it's alledged the boys were picked up and dropped of for a seemingly non-existent drug-fueled party?  ---->  The entry to Oakland Camp. Closed commercially until mid-June, during the off-season it was / is reportedly a center of activity for illicit gatherings and parties. Located in the mountains between Quincy and Keddie, it is roughly just over a mile from Keddie. And, if you want an alternate route to Keddie, this would be it  (see next photo)  The railway is a few yards above Oakland Park. Ache immediately pointed that out, and just as quickly deduced Johnny and Dana may have caught a ride to Oakland Pk, after all, and simply walked the rails into Keddie. That was absolutely brilliant in speed and accuracy, as I had no idea where I was in reference to Keddie, but Ache did and instantaneously knew it was a quicker route to Keddie. Hell, I'd likely never have noticed the railway in the first place.   An easy walk with no bridges and two short tunnels (1/10th of a mile and 1/4 of a mile, respectively), the railway would account for their "dropping off the radar" at roughly 9:45 pm, but the walk to Keddie wouldn't take long as it's only about 3.5 miles, whereas the walk from the Exxon station to the front door of Cabin 28 is 6.8 miles.   Where were they in the enterim, if they walked in on the crime at roughly 1:30 to 2 am? 
Looking down on Main Street from the Sharps' marker at the cemetery.  Front view of Dee's house. He claimed not to have a clue of what "Tony the Greek's" real name was, yet just weeks later Dee and Tony Garedakis are photographed in front of this fireplace, arm in arm.