0  0  1 Keddie Avenue, easily the best maintained property in all of Keddie.  Walking south down the South Loop Rd. This area has always been the most mysterious to me, as no photos or details of the area existed online prior to going there.  Cabin 40 on the left. The ground drops off behind, down the Keddie Resort Rd.  Judging from the numbers on the other cabins, this is likely cabin 42. 
44 on the left, 43 at center, and 41 to the right.  Looking inside abandoned cabin 45  South side of 45. To the lft is the dropoff down to Keddie Resort Rd.  The bridge into Keddie from a viewpoint just south of 45.  Walking in the door of 45, immediatley into a storage area. Beyond is the kitchen, then the living room. Very similar in size and design to cabin 28, the floorplan is like a mirror image of 28's design, with the bedroom side swapped with the kitchen/living room side. This door would be like walking into the back dooe of 28.  Looking back at the kitchen, towards the front door, from the living room. 
Living room, with door leading out to the rear deck overlooking the river and Keddie Resort Rd.  Closet of western bedroom inside 45.  Looking from one bedroom down the hallway to the other. As I said, the floor design is quite similar to cabin 28. The living room is beyond the doorway on the right in the hall, and the bathroom is opposite. This is quite similar to looking from inside the girls' room  to the boys' room in 28.  Looking north from the doorway of 45 (L-R), 44, 43, 41, 40, 32, 31.  110423 575 Keddie  110423 576 Keddie 
110423 577 Keddie  Front side of 42.  32 and 31, with cabin 1 in the distance, taken from the doorstep of 42.  32 and 31, with the dorm to the right.  Cabin 31  The lodge and its retaining wall from the area behind where the General Store, roughly where bloody evidence from the murder scene was left in the trash bin. 
Looking towards the Lodge from where the General Store was. Cabins 4-7 are seen to the left of the phone booth- the green cabin with the blue tarp on the roof is 6.  The side of 31 from the road, literally inches away from the windows.  110423 586 Keddie