Looking up Depot Rd., just past the juntion of Resort Rd. and Spanish Oaks Lane. To the left (out of frame) is the playhouse.  Looking left off the road, the playhouse can be seen behind the tree at center left, with a couple remaining trailers on the upper part of Station Loop Rd at center.  Looking to the right (south) from the same position as the last photo.  Looking southwest from the same posistion, with the Dorm in the background and Resort Rd shooting off to the right.  The only fireplug I ever saw in Keddie is just off the road.  The juntion of the Depot Rd. and Back Dorm Rd., looking southwest. In the distance are the cabins on the South Loop. 
Appoaching rear of the Depot building.  The rear of the Depot building, with the rickety loading dock at the center.Off to the right is a parking area filled with storage containers.  The paved road carries on up to therailroad. Also seen is the top of where the Station Loop Rd. veers off, looping north and back south to meet up with Resort Rd. by cabin 26.  The head of Station Loop Rd. This used to be lined with trailers on both sides, both for office use and for rail worker housing.  Continuing northeast on Depot Rd.  294842 2358716897651 802369156 n 
Front of the Depot building.  The far side of the tracks acrross from the Depot, looking south. The flat area used to house two old railroad office buildings.  110423 529 Keddie  Looking northeast towards the tunnel and the wye.  The tunnel, with the other tracks going left to the wye.  The storage buildings, with the Depot in the far distance. 
Looking back down the road to the station.  North side of the Depot building, with Depot Rd trailing down off to the right.  Looking back down the road by the gate, with the Dorm and Lodge at center.  Cabin 28 would have been easily visible in the distance about 1/3 of the way from the left edge of this photo.  The storage zone to the south of the Depot.  Heading south on Back Dorm Rd. There were two cabins here in 1981, on opposing sides of the road. 
From the same road, the rear of the dorm, and the Lodge beyond.