Above 70

This area is above 70, on the mountainside, near the Wye turnout.

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Hwy 70

70 is the highway from Quincy, and the only access road into Keddie.

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70 to Bridge

Along Resort Rd, as you enter Keddie from 70.

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Bridge to Lodge

On Keddie Resort Rd, past the bridge to the Lodge.

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Lodge and Dorm

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As Resort Rd ners the lodge, it splits off to the north to this area.

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N Lodge Rd

To the north of the lodge, this road is lined with cabins that backed up against 28.

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This back road went from behind the lodge to the Flats. All cabins have been destroyed, at the same time as 27-28.

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Where the key murderers lived.

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Loop Rd

Dirt loop from 26, north and looping back south to where the RR trailers were.

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The Playhouse where Tina and others supposedly spent much time, directly across the street & up a small hill from 26.

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the Flats

Northernmost area, downhill from Keddie, near the Wye, & where the footbridge is.

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Around the Railroad Station.

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S Loop

These cabins line Resort Rd near the bridge, but the access road is near the dorm.

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Quincy area, including East Q.

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