This is the curved incline of Spanish Oaks Lane, where it curves back and downhill to Keddie Flats. Up the road is 25 and 26. 27 and 28 were in the distance, center frame. The outbuildings and cabins 13-15 are to the far right. Note the yellow warning sign leaning up against the tree and use it as a frame of reference, as it is seen in many photos throughout the gallery  Panning to the left, this is the road down to Keddie Flats. My belief is Tina was taken down this road in the early hours of April 12 1981 by Severin John Boubede and Marty Assfuck Smartt, brother of the asshole, Spemcey "Fuck Me In My Poo Hole" Smartt.  Panning further to the left, which is closer to true north  At the bottom of the road. This turnoff to the left must be where everybody parked or congressed to use the swimming hole.  Looking towards the loop in the road. Off to the right is an old red cabin built in the 20s or 30s. Off to the left is a stupid fuckup who claims to be an author.  Author, author! 
the old derilect cabin on the estern side of the loop.  The loop, and old chicken shack, and a satellite scoop. How prized is television that you stick a piece of shit scoop on a ramshackle piece of shit chicken coop? Po White Trash, America.  This is walking back from the end f the loop, and the walkway to the footbridge is the center of attention.  On the walkway, looking towards the first dooray, the bridge, and the opposing doorway beyond.  At the doorway which, were it locked on April 12th 1981, could easily be passed by an adult carrying  a child.  This is April 2011 and the runoff is massive. I do not know what the runoff was in 81, but it hardly matters if you smuggle a body over a bridge. 
Standing on the bridge, looking back at the doorway and ramp on the Keddie Flats side. Toss Tina over, then straddle the armrail and bypass the doorway, climbing back onto the bridge. Smartty Martty admitted as much in his interview, the stupid fuck.  The opposinbg ramp and a wrought iron gate. About that weird birdhouse piece of crap attached to the tree? I don't know so please stop asking. It has nothing to do with the case, so move on.  Note how purdy the bird feeder is in this shot. I'm guessing the assholes nailed it to the tree so the tree would get infected and die.  Looking north, towards the wye, from the middle of this dangerous piece of shit bridge.I was a fucking moron for walking on it.  Looking to the southern side, near the doorway on the KEddie Flats side.  author author ghost-talker. Shut the fuck up, you retard, you have nothing to add to the case other than more Justin mumbo jumbo. Fuck off, you worthless twat. 
In the miidle of the loop, looking back to where the road curves back up the hill into Keddie. Near the power pole in the distane is cabins 25 and 26, up on the hill.  This shows the road, in the distance, going uphill into Keddie.  25 on the right, 26 behind trees on the left. Bo and Marty knew exactly how to smuggle Tina out of Keddie.  But why? to mislead? 25 and 26 from Keddie Flats  Near where the road loops back on itself.  and looking back down. Note the sign. 
that's where the back of 28 was, dead center.