c. 1972 photo of sign advertising nearby Keddie.  US Army 'Pleasant View Housing Project' built during WWII. These were converted into the Keddie Motel and, later, into rental housing.  Keddie Motel Rd., on the west side of 70/89, across from Keddie. Also known as Keddie Heights. This is what the 'Pleasant View Housing Project' looked like in the 70s (Nov 72)  1950s photo of Keddie Heights, with the ski hill behind.  Google Earth view of the Keddie Heights & motel area, c. 1990s  Earth view of the Keddie Heights & motel area, c. 2012, after most buildings were demolished. The white bar is the ski run cleared when Keddie was was being rebranded as a resort in the 3ate 40s. The area was also used as a horse rental / dude ranch. 
The old gas stations, c. 1940s. The road to the motel is between the burm on the left and the Richfield station.  f1490-1941  B-1801-1941  B 4647 1946  The old Richfield gas station across from the entrance into Keddie. (Nov 72)  The big resort sign just prior to the ornamental pond and bridge into Keddie. (Nov 72) 
What's left of the pond bridge is seen sinking into the water. C. 1972  Ornamental pond added by Mr English in the 40s, just west of the bridge into Keddie.  Night shot of bridge across the ornamental pond.  lodge  Sales pamphlet for the Keddie Resort, c 1960  1961 rate schedule for Keddie. By 1980, all rentals were monthly, and were roughly $150-300 per month. Cabin 28 was $250 per month. 
Cabins 1 and 2, c. 1940  c.1960s Keddie postcard, titled "Keddie Resort". This photo is of Cabin One.  Lodge on the left, Gen Store on the right. (Nov 72)  46076 143430995696985 119081004798651 216717 2556124 n  Behind the lodge with the Back Door Bar sign visible. (Nov 72)  1959 photo of the Post Office. This was actaully cabin 27. Cabin 28 stood just next door. 
Known as The Big Log Cabin, this is #25, where the owners of Keddie lived. It's where the phone call was made notifying police of the murders. Cabin 26 is on far right. (Nov 72)  The project to install a septic / leech system, c. 1950.  110423 479a Plumas Museum  1970s photo, showing the buildings above the tracks, which housed RR bigwigs and others.  1972. WP 2261 in front of rebuilt Keddie Station.  7537.1266644826 
Late 70s rainy day shot of the tracks and depot.  UP8557-OCT02-KEDDIE,-CA  c.1960s Keddie postcard, titled "Old Mine Cabins". It's actiually the Bushman Mine, two miles south of Keddie  c.1960s Keddie postcard, titled "Old Gold Stamper Mill, Keddie".  c.1960s Keddie postcard, titled "Keddie Resort". One of a series meant to tout and advertise the fun and recreation at glorious Keddie Resort.  c.1960s Keddie postcard, rear. 
Very old hand-drawn map of Keddie, c. early 1900s.