c. 1915, a fisheye shot of the junction of 550 West Main and Crescent. On the left is the building where Plumas Publishing later settled, at center is the livery, and the buildings between are near where the Exxon stands.  The Oddfellows Bldg., with the livery stable behind.  The livery barn was rebuilt as this building, which housed many garages, and the longstanding Shell station.  Here's the 550 block, as it looks today. The building on the left houses a live theater. It was once the livery, then a garage and Shell station. In 1981, it was the Western Auto Parts store.  c1890 etching of the north side of the 500 West block of Quincy, across from the square that would house the courthouse decades later  1937 
1939  1939  1949  1952  1954  1936 View east down main of the 400 block. The movie is the Marx Bros, "A Night at the Opera" 
Looking west down Main from roughly 400 West. The Plumas House Hotel is at the end (center left).  1946 "The Way to Love" with Chester Morris is at the theater  1946  1952  Late 70s- early 80s view of Quincy during a parade. These next shots best demonstrate what Quincy looked like when Johnny and Dana were last seen "hitch-hiking" in the area. The Exxon where they were seen is one block behind Western Auto, which was on the corner of 550 W Main, where the livery stable was in the 1800s.  500 block, with the Capitol Club. 
400 Main, with the bakery and liquor store on the corner  400 block of Main, with the Plumas Club on the far left, Murray Insurance, PG&E, Mac's Variety Store, Wonderland Bakery, and Quincy Liquor Lodge on the corner.  The Town Hall theater, looking east towards the Plumas CLub. Was there a small game arcade right next to the theater in 1981?  Recent shot of the Methodist church, just off Main on Church St. This is where Philip broke in and slept in the Sunday School room the night of the murders.